(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner, Ms. Chen Xingtao, was born on February 11, 1963. Her home address was Number 23 Xinzhuang Group, Guqiao Village, Yanglin Town, Yueyang County, Hunan Province. On January 31, 2001, Ms. Chen was illegally sent to the Baimalong Female Forced Labor Camp in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province. There she suffered various kinds of torture, which caused paralysis of the lower part of her body. She was released on May 17, 2001; and after a year of suffering, Ms. Chen passed away 10 days later.

The following is part of what Ms. Chen Xingtao wrote while she was still alive.

Starting on July 20, 1999, I continuously suffered from the evil persecution. In the beginning, Fang Qinglong from the village government led a group of people to ransack my home and confiscate my Dafa books, an audio tape recorder, and a video tape recorder worth over 1,000 Yuan [about two months salary for an average urban worker in China]. In April 2000, the police officers abducted me and sent me to a police station. They robbed me of 500 Yuan and detained me in a detention center, where the deputy director Xie Zehua beat me so viciously that my face swelled up and my nose bled. I went on a hunger strike to protest the treatment I was receiving. The vicious guards force-fed me twice through tubes and as a result, my nose bled profusely. I was also handcuffed and shackled for seven days in a row. They forced my family to pay a 1,500 Yuan fine before they allowed me to go home. In January 2001, while I was doing housework at home, Fang Qinglong from the village government forcibly put me into a detention center for "re-education through brainwashing." On January 31, 2001, I was illegally sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor and imprisoned in the Baimalong Female Forced Labor Camp in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province.

To try to coerce Dafa practitioners to give up their belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, the vicious police guards in the labor camp adopted all kinds of cruel, outrageous ways of torturing Dafa practitioners. Many people were injured and even became disabled due to the torture. Male police guards, wearing leather shoes, violently kicked practitioner Wang Ping in her private area and chest. They also handcuffed and shackled her for an entire night. On the next morning, they dragged Wang Ping by the handcuffs all the way from the second floor to the first floor. Wang Ping's hands and arms were severely injured. There were so many victims that it is impossible to describe what happened to each of them.

On March 24, 2001, because I practiced Falun Gong, two male police officers grabbed my hands and pressed me against the wall. Another police guard used an electric baton to shock the centers of my hands and feet, and my private area for more than an hour. I was beaten black and blue, and my body was covered with blisters.

Around March 2001, Dafa practitioner Ms. Cao Jianzhen, also jailed in the Baimalong Female Forced Labor Camp, was beaten so severely that three of her ribs were broken and she would vomit whatever she ate. She lost so much weight that she was reduced to skin and bones. She passed away shortly after being released.

Workplaces and individuals responsible for these criminal acts:

The Baimalong Forced Labor Camp in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province:

Call (86)-733-8640841 and ask for Captain Ding from the 71 brigade or Captain Zheng from the 72 brigade; the police identification badges of the three vicious police guards from the administrative section of the 73 brigade are: 4329158, 4329302, and 4329138.

The Public Security Bureau in Yueyang City: Dongcheng Road, Yueyang City, Hunan Province, 414000. Phone number: (86)-730-8619148.

Hotline of the Mayor of Yueyang City: (86)-730-8842018, (86)-730-8880225.

The Yueyang Municipal Party Committee: (86)-730-8889224.