Dong Cuifang was tortured to death on March 20, 2003. At the time of her death, her body was covered with wounds and there was a hole in her skull.

Dong Cuifang, female, 29, of Zhang Village, Xing'an Town, Gaocheng City, Hebei Province, started to practice Falun Dafa in 1995 while she was a student at a medical university in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. After the persecution of Dafa began on July 20, 1999, she went to Beijing many times to validate the Fa. As a result, she was frequently harassed by the local police, forced to leave home to avoid further persecution and illegal arrest in early 2001. With the help of some Beijing practitioners, she rented a house with other practitioners made homeless by the persecution, and together continued clarifying the truth about the persecution against Falun Dafa.

In the spring of 2002, Ms. Dong was reported to the police while distributing Dafa truth-clarification materials. She was arrested and detained at Daxing Labor Camp in Beijing. While in detention, she was subjected to exhaustive inhuman tortures and she died on March 20, 2003.

At the time of her death, her entire body was covered with wounds and there was a hole in her skull. It awaits investigation if a gun or other torture instrument had caused the hole in her skull.

After learning of her death, the Gaocheng City Police Department told her family that she died of mental breakdown. They also said that after finding out she was sick, the labor camp sent her to the hospital, but she died 10 minutes after she arrived at the hospital.

At present, Ms. Dong's family is getting ready to bring suit against her murderers. We hope that kindhearted people can pay close attention and extend a helping hand to this matter. We also hope that the international community and human rights organizations can pay attention to this tragedy and help stop the brutal persecution of innocent people in China.

Fellow practitioners who read about this, please send forth pure and strong righteous thoughts to completely eliminate the evil elements that are controlling the Daxing Labor Camp, and let the evil people receive just retribution and punishment.

There are two labor camps in Daxing District, Beijing: Tuanhe Labor Camp and Xin'an Female Labor Camp. It is not clear which labor camp Dong Cuifang had been detained in.

Tuanhe Labor Camp:
Postcode: 102614
Administration Division: 86-10-61292590; director: Zhang Jingsheng: 86-10-61294586
Supervision Division: 86-10-61294581
Captains of Team Five: Yang Baoli: 86-13601162163 (cell); Captain Wei: 86-13910700400 (cell)

Xin'an Female Labor Camp
Postcode: 102609
Switch board: 86-10-60275858, 86-10-60276484, 86-10-60277013

Daxing District Department of Justice (the supervising department of Daxing labor camps)
Director: Huang Zhichang: 86-10-69243190
Vice Director: Li Huaiwei: 86-10-69232189
Vice Director: Wang Zhanliang: 86-10-69223437

Beijing Department of Justice (the supervising department of Daxing District Department of Justice)
Director: Wu Yuhua
Vice Director: Zhou Xin, Wang Jianhua, Sun Chaomei
Phone numbers: 86-10-62376658, 86-10-62372066

Gaocheng City Police Department (located on Lianzhou Rd, Gaocheng City)
Director's office: 86-311-8110068
Vice Director's office: 86-311-8110066, 86-311-8110065, 86-311-8110063, 86-311-8110058, 86-311-8110061, 86-311-8110060

Gaocheng City Government (located on Lianzhou Rd, Gaocheng City)
Mayor: 86-311-8045875