The parents and grandmother of a 2-year-old child have been detained in the town government building in Pengzhou City, Sichuan Province. His grandfather, was left home alone. He and his mother were detained in an old room with unsanitary conditions for more than three months. The room had one chamber pot, which was full of maggots and infested with mosquitoes in the summer. Eventually, because they refused to pay the fine, in addition to not having any money, his mother and grandparents were kidnapped to a detention center in the city, and the 2 year-old child also had to go. Currently, it has been 9 months and they are still illegally detained. Every day he bangs the jail door with his small hands and shouts, "Let me out!" The child has been forced to eat the poor quality prisoner's food in the jail and has become very emaciated. Upon seeing this scene, people feel so sad that they cry.

His mother had gone to Beijing with his grandmother when she was pregnant with him. She carried him to Beijing again to validate Dafa when he was only a few months old. Such a young child has been detained several times. His grandfather supports the whole family by repairing bicycles.

We respectfully request international human rights organizations, women and children's rights protection organizations to aid in this matter, to stop the barbaric and inhuman persecution that even targets children.