Written on 2/19/03

(Clearwisdom.net) 1. Brainwashing

Brainwashing is classified into categories such as "new arrival," "moving up," and "coming down" at the Shibalihe Forced Labor Camp in Zhengzhou City. The brainwashing method is accompanied with other forms of physical torture. For instance, the practitioners are beaten by the "clamps," a group of inmates, mostly comprised of drug addicts, who were ordered by the prison guards to beat practitioners. Other torture methods include sleep deprivation, extended exposure under the burning sun, and more. The following cases illustrate examples of such torture:

Case 1: Zhang Baoju was not allowed to sleep while he was isolated in the material room for a month and a half.

Case 2: Han Fulan was hung up with a rope that was tied around her arms from behind. She remained in the torture room for three days, without food or sleep. The "clamps" grabbed her head and hit it against the steel door and the wall, making her lose consciousness.

Case 3: Practitioners were forced to sleep on the cold ground.

Case 4: The vicious police separated Chang Xirong, Jing Jianqiu, Zhou Hongying, and Zhao Ronghua from one another and placed each of them in the inner rooms of the reception building with no permission to go outside. The "clamps" monitored them closely and made sure that they did not interact with each other. During the first three days, the police forbade the practitioners to sleep, and ordered them to be brainwashed. In addition, the practitioners were forced to take cold showers in the winter. Wu Hongru, the director of the camp, threatened those who refused to compromise, "If you refuse to change your attitude, I'll make you sit on the hard bench." Zhao Ronghua and Chang Rongxi were forced to sit on the hard bench as a punishment. It has been three months since Chang Rongxi was placed in confinement, and his whereabouts is unknown. After being isolated for over two months, Jing Jianqiu, Fan Jin and other practitioners were sent back to do labor.

2. Vicious Propaganda

The camp authorities used different forms of media to slander and vilify Falun Dafa and its founder.

3. "Clamps"

The police transformed drug addicts and other prisoners into "clamps." The "clamps" were required to beat, verbally abuse and create many torture rules for the practitioners. The police made sure that the "clamps" did their work properly. For instance, they ordered the "clamps" to follow practitioners to the washrooms, otherwise both the practitioners and the "clamps" were punished through the deduction of points and extension of their prison terms. This way the authorities instigated the conflict, forcing the deceived ones to be hostile toward Falun Gong. In one incident, a drug-addict, named Chen Min, beat and cursed a practitioner, and other inmates also took part.

4. Violation of Personal Freedom

The perpetrators searched for and destroyed all Falun Dafa materials. The practitioners were forbidden to possess Falun Dafa materials and were not allowed to do the exercises. If the practitioners failed to comply with these rules, they were hung up with a rope, and their terms were extended.

5. No Rest on Sunday

The authorities forced the practitioners to labor overtime, without resting on Sunday. On several occasions, the police reinforced overtime hours by locking the sleeping room so that the practitioners could not sleep and were forced to suffer in the cold outdoors.

6. Forced and Heavy Labor

Zheng Yufeng, the leader of the third group, said to the Falun Gong practitioners, "You are the same as drug addicts since you refuse to change, and you have to take a heavier workload." The amount of labor in the third group was much more than that of other groups. For instance, each prisoner in the third group had to fold 1,000 pieces of book paper everyday, compared to 500 in the fourth group. The drug addicts would have their terms reduced through laboring overtime, but that was not the case for the practitioners, whose terms were routinely extended. Each day the practitioners had to labor for over ten hours, with no break at noon. Under forced, heavy labor, they were always forced to take the remaining load from overtime hours, regardless of their age.

7. Sing Political Songs or Suffer from Torture

Those who refused to sing the songs flattering the Chinese Communist Party suffered from physical punishment. The police shouted, "If you don't sing, you don't eat!" In 2002, there were some incidents when practitioners were forced to stand seven or eight hours in the yard and deprived of sleep. Hu Tieling was one of the practitioners who was beaten because she refused to sing the songs. Four or five drug addicts kicked her face, dragged her by the hair and stomped on her head. Hu Tieling was severely injured and blood flowed from her nose to the ground. The perpetrators immediately cleaned up the bloody scene to cover up evidence of the incident. After being tortured, Ms. Hu experienced severe pain from the nose to the brain, and felt weak and dizzy. She had such a difficult time breathing that she could not eat any food.

8. Physical Abuse

Falun Gong practitioners were beaten, tortured and hung up with ropes from time to time.

Case 1: Chen Lijun, Zhou Hongying, and Jing Jianqiu were forced to stay out under the burning sun during the so-called "military training" in the summer of 2002.

Case 2: Han Fulan, Wang Aifang, and others were hung up with a rope that was tied around their arms from behind.

Case 3: Jia Shufen was forced to stand under the burning sun for one day.

Case 4: The camp authorities extended Gu Chunhong and Gao Ya'nan's terms and hung them up with ropes because they refused to take the simulated "exam" set by the camp.

9. Extended Terms

The camp authorities forced the practitioners to take part in "citizen's moral exams." Those who refused to take the exam would be reprimanded, with "points" being deducted. The police extended the practitioners' terms once more after the extension expired.

Case 1: The term of Wang Hongxia was extended by six months because she refused to take part in the exam.

Case 2: The terms of Wei Guirong, Han Guozhen, Ding Xiangqin, Xu Yunpu, Su E, Jia Shufen, Gu Chunhong, Gao Ya'nan, Xu Jinfeng and Li Sumin were extended by three months because they refused to take part in the exam.

10. Held Hostage

During visitations, the police refused to allow family members to see the imprisoned practitioners until they signed the forms slandering Falun Gong. The practitioners were being held hostage.

11. Forced Labor Sentences Manipulated at Will

The police manipulated the forced labor sentence at will. Their boss from the top appraised what they did as "excellent" at the state ministry level. With the huge financial support, the camp authorities built two high buildings, and reconstructed the old buildings and the yard.

Case 1: The police changed Li Xiaojing's forced labor sentence from one year to three years.

Case 2: Jing Jianqiu's term had expired, but the police still imprisoned her and refused to show her the terms of the sentence.

Case 3: Despite the file issued by the local police department indicating that Jia Shufen's term was incorrect, the camp police nullified her release date on the pretext that Jia Shufen refused to cooperate.

12. "I Am Not Scared of Going to Hell"

Two policemen from the third group, Zhang Hui and Cui Ying, desperately searched for articles transcribed by the Falun Gong practitioners. The group leader, Jia Meili, said, "I want to sabotage Falun Dafa. Even if you chop me into flesh jam, I want to sabotage Falun Dafa. I want to torture Falun Dafa practitioners. Don't let me find any pretext to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. I am not scared of going to hell."