I am 76 years old and my wife is 69. She was fortunate enough to obtain the Fa in April 1998. Since then, she has totally recovered from arthritis, otitis, tracheitis, hepatitis and pneumonia. This formerly very sick person, who used to have to wear a thick cotton vest even in the summer, is now free of all of these conditions. It has been 5 years since she has taken any medicine, and she is now very healthy. This is the miracle of Dafa. It is Master Li that gives us a second life.

My wife is not literate. After her audiotapes of Master's lectures were seized by the authorities, my wife held the book Zhuan Falun book and said with tears in her eyes, "What can I do? I want to learn Dafa. But how can I since I am not literate?" She fell asleep still holding Zhuan Falun.

In a dream, she saw the words in Zhuan Falun fly into her brain. Master's law body had taught her. After she woke up, she could read Zhuan Falun thoroughly.