(Clearwisdom.net) Many prophecies regarding the overall development of humanity, especially the developments of the present time have been handed down from different time periods and to various nationalities throughout history. Many of these prophecies have directly or indirectly predicted the disasters of this Dharma-ending period and have predicted the spreading of Dafa. They actually provide us with powerful tools in clarifying the truth and spreading the Fa. So how should we look correctly upon the role that prophecies play and upon the historical progressions as described in the prophecies? I would like to share some of my views. Please point out anything improper.

In order to correctly understand this issue, we should first of all understand the relationship between Master's Fa-rectification and the arrangements made by the old forces. Through Master's recent series of lectures, we know that the old forces have made very careful and very detailed arrangements for all of human history. That is to say, before Master formally started to spread the Fa and rectify the Fa, the entire evolution of human history had progressed exactly according to the old forces' arrangements. Even after Master had started to rectify the Fa, in the dimensions where the tremendous force of Fa-rectification had not yet reached, the superficial evolution of some phenomena were still progressing according to the evil old forces' arrangements. However in rectifying the Fa, Master fundamentally negates the old forces' arrangements. The fundamental process for Fa-rectification, including the process for Dafa disciples assisting Master in rectifying the Fa is to break through the arrangements made by the old forces by denying their arrangements so that the Fa-rectification can proceed according to the requirements of the Fa.

So then from an overall perspective, the historical evolution as predicted in the prophecies is basically arranged by the old evil forces. Many prophecies predicted that during the present period of time, there would be a righteous Fa that would spread throughout the world, and it would make human beings go through a process of purification and renewal. This has played an objective and positive role in the Fa-rectification process. However, the prophecies cannot exactly predict the actual process of the Fa-rectification, especially when it comes to the detailed events, because the Fa-rectification process can never be clearly seen by any being in the universe, no matter how high a god he is, or whether he is righteous or not, or whether he is a Dafa disciple or not. So these prophecies can only play a supplementary role for us as we assist Master in the Fa-rectification. We should absolutely not agree with, anticipate, venerate or believe in the detailed evolution of the Fa-rectification period as predicted in the prophecies, nor should we seek parity with the detailed situations predicted in the prophecies, nor should we unconsciously follow them. That would not be the behavior of open and dignified Fa-rectification Dafa disciples.

The Fa-rectification process, at its essence, does not rely upon any techniques or supplementary measures. Instead, it uses its own tremendous strength and boundless power. As Dafa practitioners, our role is to have righteous and purified belief in Dafa and Master, and we should discard all the notions within or outside of ourselves by following the Fa. No matter what kind of intention he has, not even a god from the old universe can escape from the degenerated elements of the old universe. His prophecies, therefore, can only be the arrangements of the old evil forces. In fact, before we Dafa disciples had assimilated to the Fa, weren't we also composed of elements from the old universe? Actually, many of the developments arranged by the old forces have been changed. So even though the old prophecies are obsolete, we can actively use them as a tool in a rational way to validate the fact that it is gods who arrange history. This would remove some obstacles for people in accepting the Fa-rectification; however, we should try our best not to get caught in the details, and we should not follow the prophecies in doing things because they are not the Fa.

The above are my personal understandings. I hope that in sharing, it will help us all improve as a whole.