(Clearwisdom.net) The humid air from the basement mixed with the smell of burned rubber from electric batons permeates the atmosphere.

"Practice Falun Gong or not?" Accompanied by the crackling noise from the electric baton and the terrible scream from a woman, secretly, under the cover of night, an inhuman crime was taking place in Harbin City Female Drug Rehabilitation Forced Labor Camp.

The women's hair was cut short and at random, called "ghost hair" by the guards. They wore slippers and were forced to squat on the ground, their mouths sealed with a white cloth strip and their hands cuffed to the ice-cold steel fence on the cement ground. Male guards violently kicked them with their leather boots, and female guards kept striking their faces, mouths and necks with electric batons.

All windows in one of the cells were wide open. In this cold December night, the chilly wind came through the windows, blowing directly on to the women who were clad only in thin clothes and were forced to sit in the washbasins' cold water. Wearing thick winter coats, the male guards, with their electric batons beat down every woman that tried to stand up, and forced the women who were completely soaked to sit on the ice-cold cement floor.

"Clang, clang, clang...," a series of earsplitting noises from metal hammering on metal, accompanied by the shouts of a prison guard, "Transform or not?" A prison guard covered a woman Dafa practitioner's head with an iron bucket and beat the bucket with his police baton. It was not possible for the woman to hear his voice, since the ringing from the bucket overwhelmed the guard's wild screaming.

In another cell, a few female inmates were ferociously pinching a woman Dafa practitioner who was squatting on the floor. Her body was covered with black and purple bruises. Another woman practitioner's entire upper front body including her chest turned black from torture. The inmates were told that their sentences could be reduced if they could transform Falun Gong practitioners. The temptation to have their sentence reduced drove the inmates to viciously torture Dafa practitioners who stayed with them day and night. The female guards, observing, grinned and yelled, "No sleep if no transformation! We will beat anybody who closes her eyes; squat still on the floor, we will beat whoever dares to sit!"

Seven days later, inmates carried upstairs a few women Dafa practitioners who couldn't walk anymore, were completely soaked and covered with wounds. Those who stayed upheld their sacred beliefs under the hellish torture and abuse.

"Agh...!" A loud scream broke the quiet night. To force a woman to transform, a female inmate was digging into a Dafa practitioner's genital area with her hand. The painful screams and cries were the denunciation and condemnation of the evil that is persecuting Dafa practitioners.

The dark night will not last forever, and the light of the universal truth is sweeping away the haze. The Dafa disciples' righteous beliefs shook the world of ten directions, and they have earned admiration everywhere. How much longer will those evil beings be around?

Everyone, please watch carefully and distinguish evil from good, and, with your voice of justice, support the good people who believe in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance."

For the safety of fellow practitioners in this story, we have omitted their names and shared only their experiences. We hope that Dafa disciples will send righteous thoughts to strengthen and protect all of our practitioners, and to eliminate the evil in the other dimensions behind the persecution.

March 15, 2003