A female Falun Gong practitioner named Li Huiqi was tortured so viciously that her whole body eventually became paralyzed. After the event was disclosed by the Clearwisdom.net website, kind people from all walks of life expressed their disgust in the actions of those evil people who persecuted Li Huiqi. The wicked people from the "610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] of Shijiazhuang City even want to arrest the second sister of Li Huiqi, a Falun Gong practitioner named Li Huixin, who is a member of the staff at the Shijiazhuang Railway Bureau. She was forced to leave her home to avoid further persecution.

During the past four days the "610 Office" assigned police from Jianshe North Street Police Station to Li Huiqi's elder sister's store to coercing her into handing over Li Huiqi, otherwise the police threatened to close down the store. The store is the only source of income for the five family members and it would be a great burden to them if it were shut down. The police's evil doings kindle the kind people's indignation towards them.

The suffering that Li Huiqi has endured under torture is truly shocking. Not only did the "610 Office" persecute Li Huiqi but they also continually threaten and harass her husband, who is a non-practitioner. He cannot withstand the great pressure and has now requested to divorce Li Huiqi.

The wicked people from the "610 Office" in Hebei Province, the "610 Office" in Shijiazhuang City, the Labor Camp of Shijiazhuang City, and the Railway Public Security of Shijiazhuang City are the parties directly responsible for persecuting the three sisters.

Police Station of Jianshe North Street, Shijiazhuang City (No.19 Jianshe North Street)

Tel: 86-311-6061845
86-311-6049080 -- (Superintendents Office)

Changan Police Sub-bureau, Shijiazhuang City:
Director General: 86-311-7026911-3451
Commissar Office: 86-311-7026911-3252
Vice Directors Office: 86-311-6060819
86-311-6676224, 86-311-6676214, 86-311-6676026, 86-311-6049296, 86-311-6056886.

Railway Bureau Public Security:
Operator: 86-311-7923618, 86-311-7022275
Office: 86-311-7922758
Political Department: 86-311-7924848
Staff Tel: 86-311-7924538, 86-311-7922658, 86-311-7922918, 86-311-7922818. 86-311-7924388

March 12, 2003