March 9, 2003


From a Dafa Practitioner in Mainland China:

Please Keep Developing More Software for Breaking Through Chinese Internet Blockage

During Teacher's recent lectures in Los Angeles, a fellow practitioner asked about the importance of developing software for breaking through the Chinese Internet blockage. Currently all Dafa practitioners in China are relying upon the Internet-blockage-breaking software to visit Dafa web pages. Therefore it is extremely important to develop software for breaking through the Internet blockage imposed by Jiang's regime. Please develop more types of this software- all the Dafa practitioners and righteous people in China need the software to break through the Internet blockage!

From A Chinese Dafa Practitioner Living Overseas :

My Friend from China's Disappointment on his Trip to Europe

A friend of mine who lives in China visited a medium-sized city in Europe. He told me that in China he had learned that Falun Dafa is good, and was looking forward to seeing Falun Dafa for himself on his overseas trip. He looked for signs of Falun Dafa as soon as he got off the plane. Unfortunately, he did not find any Dafa activities either in parks or on streets.

One night he listened to Dafa radio on the FM, and felt very good. He surfed European Dafa Web pages but was unable to find the list of practice sites around the world. He regretted that he did not have a chance to see Falun Dafa for himself while he was overseas.

I was moved when I learned about his regret. Though it was a small incident, it showed some weakness in spreading Dafa in certain European areas. Therefore I would like to make a suggestion to our overseas fellow practitioners: please strengthen our efforts to tell the truth about Dafa and spread Dafa more widely and deeply.