(Clearwisdom.net) Jiang Zemin's political gang of scoundrels has put American citizen Charles Li on "trial," a mockery of justice which amounts to nothing less than the murderer accusing the victim.

The Chinese dictator, Jiang Zemin, who was called a "human rights scoundrel" by Amnesty International issued the order to "kill Falun Gong practitioners without mercy." Before that, on June 10, 1999, he ordered the "610 Office" [a bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration in the Party, as well as over the political and judiciary branches] to be set up. It is a state-terrorism organization that is run outside of China's constitution and laws. Once the special bureau was in place, he commanded the "610 Office" to enforce the policy of "Falun Gong practitioners can be beaten to death and no one will be held accountable, and their deaths due to torture are considered to be suicides."

In the nearly four years since July 20, 1999, details of 634 Falun Gong practitioners' deaths due to persecution have been verified through nongovernmental agencies. Death cases due to the persecution have occurred throughout the more than 30 provinces, autonomous regions, and autonomous cities in China. According to estimates from Chinese officials, at the end of October 2001, the death toll among the detained Falun Gong practitioners had reached 1,600; at least 6,000 Falun Gong practitioners had been unconstitutionally sentenced to jail; over 100,000 practitioners had been sent for forced labor; and several thousands of practitioners were forcibly sent to psychiatric hospitals and injected with medicine that damages the central nervous system. Numerous Falun Gong practitioners were abducted from their homes or workplaces and locked in "brainwashing centers" where they were mentally tortured. A great many practitioners were beaten, physically punished, and paid huge fees in extortion to the police and other staff. While Jiang Zemin was driving the campaign of state-terrorism, a great number of Falun Gong practitioners were injured or even killed from the torture, large numbers of practitioner's families were torn apart, and many practitioners were forced to leave their homes and become destitute to avoid further persecution. Millions of Falun Gong practitioner's family members, relatives, friends, as well as their colleagues at work also endured the involvement and brainwashing to varying degrees.

Murderer Jiang Zemin and his accomplices don't follow any laws to carry out the persecution of Falun Gong. Now the murderer even attempts to use the "law" to put illegally arrested American citizen Charles Li on trial. The "law" that they toy with does not represent justice at all, but is the law of Nazi-ism, the law of Stalin, and is a butcher knife used to persecute kind people. The murderer, Jiang Zemin and his accomplices should be the ones on trial to face true justice.

Jiang Zemin has committed felonies and has pending lawsuits against him in countries outside of China. Early this year, a lawsuit charging Jiang with genocide was filed in a US federal court. Recently, a Switzerland-based international non-governmental organization, Track Impunity Always and the Swiss Falun Gong Association jointly held a press conference at the Hotel Cornavin in downtown Geneva to announce that they will file a lawsuit against Jiang in Switzerland. The three major charges in the suit are: torture, crimes against humanity, and genocide. The net of justice has been cast and is waiting for the sinful dictator and his accomplices to travel outside of China.

We firmly believe that in the near future, Jiang will also be tried and punished in accordance with the laws of Mainland China. The accomplices that assist Jiang to do evil will also be tried in the courts.