1. I went to Beijing to rectify the Fa and was illegally detained and imprisoned in a forced labor camp. During that time my wife Liu Shujie, burned one Dafa book because she was angry and misunderstood. In addition, in order to visit me in the forced labor camp, she filled out something, which she should not have done and was against her will. She regrets her actions and it has unsettled her. She has been asking me to write a declaration for her. On her behalf, I hereby solemnly declare that everything that she said, wrote and did previously is null and void! From now on, she will steadfastly safeguard the Fa, support the Fa, and appeal to the Chinese authorities to stop persecuting Falun Gong!

Qi Fengchen and Liu Shujie March 1, 2003


2. My husband said, did, and wrote things he should not have during my illegal detention. Now he regrets what he did and wants his declaration posted on the Internet. Therefore, on his behalf, I solemnly declare that everything that my husband had said and written is null and void!

Fan Shuyun, March 9, 2003-3-19


3?I am a high school student, and my aunt is a Dafa practitioner. I learned that Falun Dafa is good from her. However, due to Jiang's regime's persecution, in 2001, and pressured by my schoolteacher, I participated in the "10 thousand signatures" campaign against Falun Gong by signing the petition. I have always felt that what I did was against my conscience. I hereby solemnly declare that what I had signed in the "10 thousand signatures" campaign is null and void.

Zhang Mingjie, February 7, 2003


4. My mother was detained for several months in the detention center under Jiang's wicked regime's persecution, due to practice Falun Gong that makes her a fit and a better person. Due to evils' pressure, also in order to have my mother out of the evil detention center, we wrote such words as "do not do the exercises any more" and some other words that negatively impact the image of Dafa for my mother. We hereby solemnly declare that under evils' persecution, all our actions and words, which negatively impact Dafa's image, are null and void.

Fu Wenhua, Guo Xiuxia, February 18, 2003


6. My mother told me to sign something against Falun Dafa that was against my will and forced by the evil. Now I hereby solemnly declare that everything I had signed for my mother is null and void. "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance" are great! Falun Dafa is great!

Zhang Jinling, March 13, 2003


Translated on March 19, 2003