Zhou Hua (female), 34, is a Deputy-Director in the second English Research Office, Foreign Language Department of Harbin Industrial University. She is extremely proficient in her job. On December 29, 2000, the department head tricked her, asking her to come to his office. When she arrived, the police kidnapped her. "I've been tracking Zhou more than one month," a police officer said. Ms. Zhou was illegally arrested because she had donated money to produce materials that explain the facts about Falun Gong.

"Zhou Hua is the best English teacher in Harbin Industrial University," said a doctorial student from the Material Science department whom Zhou Hua had taught. "When Ms. Zhou was teaching my class, the passing ratio for the level four English test, first time out, was 100 percent. For this achievement, the Material Science Academy gave her 200 Yuan." [The average monthly income for an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan.]

Contact information for related personnel in Harbin University:

1) Li Shaobin: Assistant Committee Party Secretary of Harbin Industrial University, office telephone: 86-451-6415887. You can reach him if you call at eight o'clock in the morning, Mainland time.

2) Qin Mingli: Director of the Foreign Language Department, home phone number: 86-451-6416858. Best time to call him is during the evening in Beijing

3) Yang Chuanli: Original director of the Research Office, home phone number: 86-451-6416041. Best time to call him is during the evening in Beijing.