March 13, 2003

( In the summer of 2002, a few farmers from Datixi Village of Cheng'an County, Hebei Province came to Feixiang County to work. One day a journalist came to their work site to make a news film. The journalist asked the workers, "Can you help to make the news film? If you play Falun Gong practitioners and say that Falun Gong is not good, you will get paid 30 Yuan if you put on handcuffs and 20 Yuan without handcuffs." A few of them worked for the journalist to earn the money. The others refused and said, "We should not make money without conscience. Money can't bribe us to slander Falun Gong."

A piece of news like this has totally reversed right and wrong. There are so many Dafa practitioners who have died, been tortured to disability, forced to leave home to escape persecution, illegally sentenced to prison and forced labor camp, detained, fined large amounts of money, and whose families have been broken up. Nobody ever reports such real facts. Journalists fabricate news. Where is justice?