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Banners alongside the street Explaining the truth to passersby
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Practitioners being interviewed Collecting signatures

Upon hearing that Jiang's regime would put Falun Dafa practitioner Charles Li on trial at 4:30 p.m. March 21, Los Angeles practitioners decided to hold a press conference in front of the Los Angeles Federal Building to condemn this trial and strongly demand the immediate and unconditional release of Charles Li.

Over the past three plus years, it is verified that over 634 Dafa practitioners have been tortured to death. Millions of practitioners have been sentenced to jail without due legal procedures, sentenced to forced labor without trial, and suffered brutal torture. The Jiang regime has never followed the law while persecuting Dafa practitioners. On the contrary, the law becomes a tool for them to systematically persecute practitioners. They make laws at will and arbitrarily disregard them. Now they have even attempted to conduct a trial of innocent Dafa practitioner Charles Li in the name of the law. It is really shameless. Practitioners expressed that the ones who should be put on trial are Jiang Zemin and his accomplices, not Charles Li.

During the press conference, it happened that some other groups also held activities. The practitioners made good use of the opportunity to clarify the truth to them and collect signatures. People all felt indignant after listening to the plight of Charles Li. With their active support, within an hour we had collected over a hundred signatures.

The media, including FOX and KPFK, came to cover our press conference and conduct interviews.