March 20, 2003 (Geneva) In a meeting this afternoon with a procedural unit of the United Nations Human Rights confidential monitoring apparatus, Fa Wang Huihui, a Chinese persecution monitoring organization submitted two reports on the persecution of Falun Gong in China, totalling over 4000 pages.

When asked what the organization hoped to accomplish with the submission of these reports, spokesperson Zenon Dolnyckyj responded.

"Jiang Zemin uses the law enforcement systems in China to drive the persecution of Falun Gong so there is no way to ensure these criminals face justice in China," Dolnyckyj said. "We are dedicated to help fill this void of justice for Falun Gong practitioners by tracking and prosecuting the criminals responsible for the persecution and cataloguing and monitoring the victims to ensure they can be rescued."

The first report is [a partial] name and incident list of more than 11,000 "6.10" officers, police and others involved in the persecution of Falun Gong, along with details of the crimes committed. The second report is a name and incident list of almost 20,000 victims of the persecution.

As their operation functions in complete confidentiality, the UN Human Rights officers were not available for questions.

Today's submission is another step in the recent actions of Falun Gong practitioners, lawyers and international organizations to pursue the prosecution of Jiang Zemin and his accomplices in the persecution of Falun Gong.

Last October, while visiting Chicago, Jiang Zemin was served a lawsuit charging Torture and Genocide against Falun Gong. The suit names Jiang and the "6.10 office" Jiang formed in China to carry out the persecution.

Formal communications against Jiang and his Office have also been submitted to the United Nations Committees for Human Rights and Against Torture.

This week in Geneva, Lawyer Philip Grant, president of TRIAL, a non-government organization, announced the formation of an international coalition to bring Jiang Zemin to justice in international courts.

"Falun Gong national associations, in collaboration with TRIAL, are setting up an international coalition formed of reliable and devoted human rights lawyers to actively take up the defence of the numerous victims of Chinese repression, by spinning an ever tighter web around Mr. Jiang Zemin. In the weeks to come, criminal complaints will be prepared and/or filed in a number of countries," said Grant.

The Global Coalition Against Article 23 Legislation also met with the UN procedural unit, submitting a petition of more than 13,000 signatures in opposition to the enactment of Article 23, stating that the article would allow the Chinese government to extend its repression to the Hong Kong people.