February 20, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) A young Dafa practitioner named Hui had great inborn abilities. Before she obtained the Fa, she had already had many miraculous experiences. When she was about seven or eight years old, one day her mom had a terrible headache, so she pressed her little hands on top of her mother's head. She could feel that she absorbed a lot of substances, and in a while her mom's headache was gone, but then she herself suffered from a big illness. After obtaining the Fa, she then knew that it was an exchange of karma.

When she was in elementary school, one day in class she encountered a difficult question that she could not solve after thinking about it for half a day. At this time, she saw a pair of pretty hands writing something in front of her eyes. Although she did not know what was written, she knew the method to solve the difficult question. These kinds of things happened frequently. One time, the teacher was demonstrating how to solve a problem on the blackboard. In her mind emerged a method of solving the mathematical problem that was beyond the human world. It was a very simple method but the final answer was the same as her teacher's. Upon going back home she told her mom about it, but whatever it was, they could not explain the phenomenon. After a while, she herself could not remember it either. At this time she felt that it seemed better not to discuss this kind of thing with everyday people. Hui's academic scores were very good.

Hui could also communicate with the life forms in other dimensions. There was a very beautiful being who was clad in clothes typical of ancient China. Whenever Hui was humiliated or taken advantage of by others, this being would smile. When Hui argued with her classmates and did not give in, the being would be unhappy, as though implying, "Is what you are doing right?" The being never said a word and did not interfere in the matters of everyday people. One day an elderly auntie asked Hui to ask the being if her own daughter would be able to go to the university. It smiled and disappeared.

In 1998 Hui's mother joyously obtained the Fa, and Hui and her mother started cultivation together. On July 20, 1999 the evil persons started the persecution. Hui's mother went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong but was imprisoned in a detention center. Hui's family reared cows at home and doing so many chores weighed heavily on her, and her father's mood was especially bad. The pressure on Hui's mind and body was very big, and she thought, "Why is it so difficult to cultivate Dafa?" One night while sleeping, she dreamed that she was traveling on a huge boat. The boat slowly sailed from an especially dirty drain towards the shore. However, before it reached its destination, the boat went back along its original path. When Hui woke up she knew that it was Master giving her some hints.

Hui adhered strictly to the Fa principles in her conduct. With her mother and a few other Dafa practitioners, she frequently posts signs and does other Dafa work to clarify the truth about Falun Gong and assist Master in this human world.