(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Chen Xiangrui, male, 29 years old, was the son of a worker in Hengyang City Power Accessory Parts Company. At 9:00 p.m. on March 11, 2003, a group of police officers from Hengyang City Police Department broke into Chen Xiangrui's home and kidnapped him, took him to Hengyang City Police Department National Security Division and brutally tortured him. After less than five hours, around 2:00 a.m., Chen Xiangrui died from torture.

The next day, police officers kidnapped the rest of Chen Xiangrui's family, including his parents, his sister and her husband, and sent them for interrogation to Hengyang City Jingyuan Hotel. The thugs tried to coerce Chen Xiangrui's parents to sign a document. The authorities sent two trucks of fully armed military police to escort Chen Xiangrui's body to a crematorium. Because Chen's parents refused to sign, the thugs detained Chen's whole family until the 14th. Furthermore, lawless city government officials held a three-day meeting at the Jingyuan Hotel during which time they decided to spread a lie that Chen Xiangrui fell from a building and died when trying to escape.

People who are responsible for this tragedy include Lei Zhenzhong, chief of the National Security Division, Hengyang City. A plea to the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong - please investigate this case!

Hengyang City Government Politics and Law Agencies Responsible:

Hengyang City Police Department
Police department: 86-734-8225884 ext. 2323
Office: 86-734-8225884 ext. 2326
Head of police department: Zhang Chaowei
Officer on duty: 86-734-8226338
Zip code: 421001
Address: 175 Zhongshanbei Road, Hengyang City

Hengyang City Politics and Law Committee:
Phone number: 86-734-8866855
Secretary: Peng Hui
Head of office: Wang Youliang
Zip code: 421001
Address: Xindayuan, 26 Huaxing Street, Huaxin Development Area, Hengyang City
"610 Office:" 86-734-8866610 Head of "610 Office:" Du Jianzhang

Hengyang City Judiciary Bureau
Phone number: 86-734-8192369
Bureau head and Party secretary: Yang Zuguang
Office head: Liu Dingsheng
Zip code: 421001
Address: sub 27 Hengshao Road, Hengyang City