March 10, 2003


In Zhuan Falun Master Li said,

"We ask you to care less about the material interests that lie right before you. Thus, those who go through their cultivation in our school of practice are most solid."

I realized that Dafa practitioners cultivate among worldly people, and must have normal family lives and relationships between husbands and wives. Young practitioners are attracted to each other and date each other. Marriage is also a part of a normal lifestyle. However, there are certain kinds of attachments such as lust and desire, and deviated male-female sentiments and inappropriate family values, that we need to clearly and consciously remove because we cultivate our main consciousness. These types of issues should have been cleared at the beginning of cultivation. If there are practitioners who have not done well on this, the old forces will use "removing this attachment from us" as an excuse and arrange tribulations. Sometimes when such tribulations come, we can recognize them, however some are not easy to recognize. Some people even treat it as a good dream and think that they have found a companion who cherishes the same ideals and goals, that their dreams have come true and so on. By doing so, that person will not only have to bear the consequences himself, but he will also cause negative effects on Fa rectification and saving the people of the world.

Master Li said,

"So what kinds of demons of lust will one encounter? If your ability of ding is not adequate, it will appear in your dreams during sleep. While you are sleeping or sitting in meditation, it will suddenly show up. If you are male, a beauty will appear. If you are female, the man of your dreams will show up." (Zhuan Falun)

I realized that this will not just happen in dreams. If a practitioner has not removed the attachment of lust and desire and does not understand the sanctity regarding marriage established by Gods, then in everyday life he will run into such trouble. If a practitioner meets another practitioner that moves his heart, if he cannot handle himself well and forgets that he is a cultivator and mixes himself among everyday people or sometimes even acts worse than an everyday person who follows moral rules, then his actions will eventually damage the reputation of the Fa and he might even undermine the Fa without even realizing it. This will be used an excuse by the evil. The old forces will follow this attachment and amplify the selfish and irrational thinking to undermine Fa-rectification and destroy this practitioner.

Actually when a practitioner meets someone he likes, the first thing is to see whether that person and situation satisfies the moral standards set up for human beings by Gods. Also we must not forget to examine ourselves and see whether there are attachments of lust and desire. If one is dominated by sentiment, perhaps one should first remove those attachments. If one truly can do that, one will not deviate onto an evil path and will not harm the reputation of Dafa. Then one can truly be responsible for oneself and for the Fa.