The neighborhood committee [equivalent to a community center] located in the southwest building in Qinghua University listed Beijing Dafa practitioner Ms. Dong Yanhong, a 30 years old award winning calligraphy artist, as "wanted" because she refused to denounce her belief in Falun Dafa. One day in January 2001, the community center officials tricked her into coming to have a talk with them and she never returned. The Intermediate People's Court in Beijing illegally sentenced her to a five-year prison term on December 13, 2001, charging her with disseminating information through the internet about the true situation of Falun Dafa, for hanging banners from floating balloons with true statements about Falun Dafa written on them, and for distributing flyers about the persecution of Falun Dafa. Dong Yanhong continues to cultivate steadfastly even as she is persecuted. Currently, the police are detaining her separately and monitoring her vigilantly. When her family visited her, the police strictly monitored them and restricted their conversation.

The phone number of the community center in the southwest building: 01-62782764

Council Director: Ma Yinghua

Deputy Director: Chen Shiyu

Member: Li Ping


Other community centers in Qinghua University:

The phone number of the east building community center: 01-62782209

Council Director: Yang Shuhua

Deputy Director: Ji Shengying

Member: Zheng Lihua

The phone number of the south building community center: 01-62782709

Director: Wang Lijun

Deputy Director: He Junzhi

Members: Cai Xiuji, Ru Yali

The phone number of the west building community center: 01-62782161

Director: Guo Xiuying

Deputy director: Sun Xiuying

Member: Li Shuying

The phone number of the northern area community center: 01-62782733

Director: Han Junying

Deputy Director: Yang Shuping

Member: Zhang Lichen

The phone number of the central building community center: 01-62782328

Director: Liu Litian

Deputy Director: Yang Jing

Members: Sun Meixia, Sun Yuzhi

The phone number of the northwest community center: 01-62783930

Director: Chen Guifang

Deputy Director: Lian Meihua

Member: Zhao Hong

The phone number of the Lanqiying community center: 01-62788189, 01-62754370

Director: Zhang Wenhui

Deputy Director: Wang Zhenhua, Wang Bo

Members: Fu Duorong, Li Guoying, Diao Baoping