On the train, I quietly transcribed Teacher's "Hong Yin" and other articles, making handwritten copies for others. A passenger from Hebei Province was watching me. Then he asked, "You have been writing nonstop. I bet you must have written more than a hundred articles!"

"I was jotting down the poems in Hong Yin, written by the founder of Falun Gong. The original 72 poems plus the twenty new ones published in the last two years would total close to one hundred. I am a follower of 'Truth-Compassion-Forbearance'," I continued, "as a government official you probably pay more attention to the news, and receive more lopsided propaganda than dissenting voices and reports? Are you as speechless as a cicada in winter whenever Falun Gong is mentioned?"

The Hebei passenger smiled and nodded in agreement.

"In fact, many independent people are inclined to look at issues from various different perspectives. In a closed country like ours, it would behoove us to not be too one-sided and fanatical with regard to Falun Gong. People should examine this matter from a different angle."

"As you can see from these poems by the founder of Falun Gong, the author's breadth of mind and undaunted spirit evident from the poems truly command respect. This simply cannot be appreciated by people with myopic vision.

A passenger from Jiangsu Province said, "Falun Gong was pretty good had you people not caused trouble. But you people have really stirred up things."

I explained concisely to them the main causes for, the subsequent development, and the lies used in the persecution of Falun Gong. I tried as much as possible to get the points across in an easy to understand fashion.

"What is the political doctrine of Falun Gong? What are your tenet and objectives? Why do you practice Falun Gong?"

I replied, "Falun Dafa is the great law of the universe. It is not a religion, and definitely not some kind of organization. Therefore there are neither doctrines nor agenda to speak of. Our Teacher has given us a lot, but all he wants is for us to cultivate compassionate hearts." I then told them about good and bad deeds would each reap rewards and tribulations, and karmic relationships in this world. I also mentioned some stories of practitioners and my own personal cultivation.

The railroad security police started to inspect passengers' identification, but they wrapped up their inspection before reaching our part of the compartment. Maybe the righteous field enveloping the last half of the compartment had something to do with it.

The passenger from Henan Province said, "They really do beat up Falun Gong practitioners badly. That is my wife's job." I later learned that his wife was a prison guard in a detention center.

"Why do they have to beat up people?" A woman passenger from Jiangsu Province inquired.

"Simply because one wants to practice. If you say you want to continue to practice, they will beat you up. They will ask the felons in the prison to beat you up, and viciously. If you give up practicing, then you will be asked to write a repentance paper and declare your total severance from Falun Gong," the Henan passenger said.

I picked up where he left off, "In over three years of Jiang regime's persecution of Falun Gong, more than several hundred thousand Dafa practitioners have been incarcerated at detention centers, labor camps, prisons and mental hospitals, more than two thousand people have been persecuted to death. Countless Dafa practitioners lost their jobs and became homeless. Close to one hundred million Dafa practitioners and their families suffered varying degrees of persecution.

The Henan passenger said, "Let's not talk about this any more. If the railroad police hear this they will arrest you immediately."

"Yeah, maybe we will also be ... [implicated]." The passenger from Hebei did not finish his sentence.

Their comments reminded me to strengthen my righteous thoughts and eliminate all the evil in other dimensions. I was doing the most righteous thing in the human world. The evils were not fit to interfere with the truth clarification by Dafa practitioners.

I continued, "Since we share the same train compartment, it must be due to our predestined relationship. I believe that all of you are good people. No one of you would betray his conscience."

"That is for sure. We definitely won't say a thing, but we had better be careful in public" the Hebei passengers said.

Maybe this is a compassionate hint from Teacher. Is my attachment of zealotry showing? While strengthening my righteous thoughts, I should also conform to ordinary people's ways and conduct, and not let the evil exploit my omissions thus finding the excuse and ammunition to persecute me.

A Shanxi passenger spoke, "I have been listening to your conversations, and I believe that Falun Gong is good. Why were there no deaths ever reported for the seven years before the persecutions, yet once the persecution starts, all you see on TV are either suicides or murders. Weird! Jiang had all the national assets at his disposal, the army and the money, but isn't Falun Gong just a group of unarmed and defenseless people? What is he afraid of? He is afraid that too many people practicing Falun Gong poses a threat to his dictatorship."

I continued on the same topic, "You truly have your own independent thinking. For people who have been through the various political upheavals, they all have the ability to analyze and assess for themselves. They won't just blindly follow everything that comes along. I also had been through a lot of thinking, repeatedly studied it, and made a great deal of observation before I was assured that my belief and pursuit was righteous. I would not blindly worship anything. But once I set eyes on my goal, I will resolutely follow it to the end."

The Shanxi passenger said, "I came to know Falun Gong through TV's daily attacks on Falun Gong. The more they attack, the more they advertise for Falun Gong, and more people practice Falun Gong overseas."

"Indeed," I said, "More and more nations and their people are starting to know Falun Gong, understand, get in touch with Falun Gong, and start to practice. Now Falun Dafa has spread to more than 50 countries."

Then I told them about Falun Dafa being spread far and wide overseas, and that western practitioners even went to Tiananmen Square to appeal. I also told them the story of an elderly man wearing out 9 pairs of shoes after walking for more than a month to Tiananmen Square so that he could say "Falun Dafa is good" there, and some practitioners intercepted TV transmissions to clarify the truth. At the same time I mixed in Teacher's poem with my stories so that they could hear the Fa.

Later the Henan passenger asked me more questions, I duly answered and explained them in detail. Finally I said to him in earnest, "When you get back, please tell your wife about the truth and pray that she can understand so that she and her colleagues could treat Dafa practitioners with kindness."

"Sure, that's for sure."

The Hebei passengers said, "Cultivate a hundred years to board the same boat to salvation. Today we have the predestined arrangement to ride on the same train, and to listen to you tell us so much. This must be the predestined relationship that we had cultivated in our previous lives."