Peng Fangjian, male, 45 years of age, a resident of Renli Town, Suining City, Sichuan Province, had been illegally detained several times since July 20, 1999 when the persecution of Falun Gong began. It was not until late September in 2002 that Mr. Peng was released from Xinhua Farm (a labor camp) in Mianyang City, Sichuan Province. Yet, on January 28, 2003, Peng Fangjian was kidnapped by policeman Rao Jun from Renli Town Police Station and officers Yuan Xiaolin, Hu Zongcheng from the Renli Town "610 Office", and Zhang Kangping from the Town Legal Department. They took Mr. Peng to the Renli Town Police Station. During his detention, the Head of the police station, Duan Shoukun, asked his family to pay 50,000 Yuan in exchange for the release of Mr. Peng. Because his family could not afford to pay, after 3 days Mr. Peng was moved and jailed in the Lingquansi Detention Center. He refused to cooperate with the evil and went on a hunger strike to protest. On February 10, 2003, Peng Fangjian was tortured to death. (The 610 Office is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.)

On February 11, Mr. Peng's family was notified of his death and they were told that cremation would take place on the same day. When the family members rushed to the crematorium, they found that Mr. Peng's originally strong body, had deteriorated as a result of over 10 days of torture. Peng Fangjian's body was emaciated, his bones were covered only by skin, his eyes were open wide and his facial expressions showed a feeling of great pain. His mouth was widely open as well; his arms were outstretched and hands clenched into a fist; the back of his head revealed clotted blood. In order to cover up these facts, the legal medical experts forced an autopsy, where Mr. Peng's family noticed that there was a large amount of fluid in his intestines. The police fabricated a story that Peng Fangjian had died from a heart attack. They also did not reveal any of the necessary information such as the time, place and people involved with Mr. Peng's death. On February 12 at 5:00 in the morning, Peng Fangjian was hastily cremated. Thus, another person who tried to be good according to the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" was murdered by the Jiang regime.

The guilty can never escape Heaven's justice. We would like to give a stern warning to those who follow Jiang in this persecution of Dafa and Dafa practitioners: if you do not stop doing evil, you will soon receive severe punishments for your actions.

Below is a list of phone numbers of responsible parties in Suining City:

Lingquansi Detention Center: 86-825-2910144
Head of Lingquansi Detention Center, Zhang Dengkui: 86-825-2233533
Renli Town Police Station: 86-825-2910340
Renli Town Council: 86-825-2910323
Suining City National Security Department: 86-825-2252126
Central Area Branch of Suining City National Security Department: 86-825-2226668
Wujiawan Detention Center: 86-825-2225874
Head of Suining City Police Department, Liu Anyuan: 86-825-2231998 (home)
Party Secretary of Suining City Police Department, Zhang Guangfeng: 86-825-2237988
Deputy Head of Suining City Police Department, Liao Zhongping: 86-825-2220818

Other contacts:

The Party's Suining City Legal Inspection Committee: 86-825-2224223
Suining Mid-Level People's Court: 86-825-2223985
Suining City Investigation Bureau: 86-825-2252000
Suining City Anti-corruption Bureau: 86-825-2223367
Suining City Police Department: 86-825-2227051
Suining City Quality Assurance Bureau: 86-825-2240315
Suining City Tobacco Specialization Bureau: 86-825-2633489
Suining City police team: 86-825-2233006
Suining City Consumer's Affairs: 86-825-12315
Suining City Price Bureau: 86-825-2311254
Suining City Transportation Police Team: 86-825-2311603
Suining City Construction Bureau: 86-825-2223571
Suining City National Tax Bureau: 86-825-2319109
Suining City Land Tax Bureau: 86-825-2311786
News department of Suining TV station: 86-825-2170058
News department of Suining Radio station: 86-825-2170086