February 28, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) In the Dalian Forced Labor Camp, when Dafa practitioners were first taken there, they were forced to sign something known as the "10 Prohibitions" paper (No exercising, no Dafa studying, no recital of Dafa articles, etc). If any practitioner refused to sign it, they were beaten. Female practitioner Li Hua refused to sign, so she was tortured while her head was covered. Her face became unrecognizable from the torture she received and afterwards the police officers joked and humiliated her due to her appearance. Zhang Guirong was forced to squat several times, and was hit with rubber batons. As long as any practitioner refused to give up their belief in Falun Dafa, the police officers brutally tortured them.

In 2000, when I first arrived in the labor camp, the police held a "brainwashing class" in order to slander Dafa. We recited "Lunyu" [statement of comments in Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa teachings] to strengthen our resolve to resist it, but police officers dragged us into the courtyard and forced us to stand and endure the frigid weather. When we practiced Falun Gong exercises, they beat us, punished us physically, or prevented us from getting any sleep. So, we went on a hunger strike in protest of this inhumane treatment. On the fourth day of our hunger strike, many police officers arrived, and brought 12 Dafa practitioners they accused of being "leaders" out together with their luggage, saying they were going be sent to the notorious Masanjia forced labor camp [one of most cruel and brutal labor camps in China.] We were not scared, and kept on with our hunger strike. Then police officers began force-feeding us with plastic tubes. Whenever a practitioner tried to refuse, she was badly beaten up. The police would sit on top of practitioners, and move the feeding tube, which was shoved into the practitioners throat, back and forth purposely to cause maximum pain. Dafa practitioners suffered great pain each time they were force-fed.

Another pair of Dafa practitioners were taken away. Later we found out that for the purpose of threatening us and to trick us into stopping our hunger strike, they detained 14 Dafa practitioners in another building, in the same courtyard, but falsely told us that they were sent to the Masanjia labor camp. During the hunger strike, Dafa practitioner Sun Lianxia was detained alone in a storage room, and she was finally tortured until she died. Yet, brutal torture could not stop those Dafa practitioners determined to resist the persecution. That time, the hunger strike went on for 23 days.

On February 9, 2001, those 14 determined Dafa practitioners mentioned above were brought back again. They were forced by the police to sit on small stools with both hands tied behind their backs, and to listen to audiotapes made to defame Dafa.

Sometimes, we were forced to sing propaganda songs. Practitioner Man Chunrong practiced Falun Gong exercises, and was tortured for two hours by police officers until she fainted. Dafa practitioners asked for her, and then Man was sent back by some criminals. Hu Guilian was beaten up and physically punished since she also practiced the Falun Gong exercises. After the police officers found that Ding Yuqin had Teacher's articles, she was dragged to an office and tortured there.

On February 17, 2001, banners slandering Dafa were hung up in the hall,

We went on a hunger strike to protest the issue, but were forced by the authorities run laps in the exercise yard, and then in the evening we were forced to stand motionless in the hall for hours.

On March 19, 2001, a premeditated large scale persecution of all known Falun Dafa practitioners was initiated. For the first action, police officers stuck posters slandering Falun Dafa and Teacher on the glass door of every room, then began broadcasting propaganda songs to defame Dafa. Police officers entered each room and forced Dafa practitioners to spread their legs with their hands behind their heads, and forced them to bend down to the floor. Then they put a piece of paper in front of everyone that defamed Falun Dafa and then tried to force all practitioners to sign it. If any practitioner refused to sign it, the authorities hit them with electric or rubber batons. Some practitioners were stripped, and beaten on their breasts and genitals with electric batons. The electric shocks left Zhang Jing's face full of blisters. The torture caused all Dafa practitioners sweat profusely and have significant hair loss. Their faces were swollen beyond recognition, and they suffered pains all over the body. Several Dafa practitioners were menstruating but the cruel police offices did not spare them.

The torture went on from 9 pm in the evening to 7 am of the next morning. Such torture sessions were just like daily meals in the Dalian forced labor camp, especially on 'sensitive' days or when new orders from the upper levels came,. Then, cruel guards would take the opportunity to increase the persecution and torture Dafa practitioners relentlessly.

Many collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] were brought to the camp to be used in the effort to brainwash Dafa practitioners. If Dafa practitioners did not give up, police coerced the collaborators to beat them up. Male collaborators might sit on top of female Dafa practitioners, often sitting on their heads and punching them. Collaborators often chose to hit the temples, forehead, head, breasts, ribs, eyes, and any other sensitive body parts. All Dafa practitioners who were tortured thus showed seriously bruised faces, their eyeballs were infused with blood from their injuries, and they were not allowed to sleep. When a Dafa practitioner fell asleep, the collaborators would viciously pull their hair to wake them up.

On April 19, 2001, 10 Dafa practitioners were sent to the Masanjia forced labor camp.

From March until June 2001, miserable cries could be heard both during the day and also at night throughout the entire building. Dafa practitioner Wang Qiuxia was tortured to death. Police also held us in "intensive" monitored rooms in which the doors and widows were covered by paper with only a small hole left open so police could supervise us. There were monitors in the rooms, no bath or daily items were allowed. We were forced to sit on small stools until late at night. No speaking or closed eyes were allowed. The authorities made rules such as only those who signed the "guarantee paper" could have better food, extra portions, or in the summer could be allowed to enjoy the cool air in the yard, and could visit with family members once each month. Determined Dafa practitioners were not allowed to sleep. Two collaborators monitor each determined Dafa practitioner very strictly.

In December 2001, forced heavy-duty physical labor was initiated . Each day we were forced to work 14 or as long as 16 hours. We were also frequently forced to work overtime until midnight. On one night the work required us to drag gunnysacks weighing 50 Kg each. Less than 100 of us pulled several thousand sacks for about 5 hours. All of us were physically exhausted, but the second morning, we had continue this work as usual. To protect Dafa, we went on a hunger strike, but were locked in the small solitary cells with shackles on for 24 hours a day. In cold March or April, we were forced to stand up 24 hours a day barefooted, with only a single garment, the window wide open and both hands cuffed behind the back. They also beat the inner side of our thighs, and the flesh on our necks was bruised by the beating.

As far as I know, the Dafa practitioners who were tortured included: Wang Riqing, Zhong Shujuan, Wang Binhua, Li Yumei, Zhang Guirong, Han Shuhua, Liu Chuanli, Sun Yan, Wu Yueju, Qin Shulan, Yang Ming, and others.

The police officers frequently did full-scale body searches, including bras and shorts. Practitioners were beaten up or fined if Teacher's articles were discovered or when Dafa practitioners recited Teacher's articles out loud. Since she protected Dafa, Shi Chuanli was hung up by her handcuffs on a steel cage, in a mini-cell for 27 hours. 55-year old Wang Tianqing went on a hunger strike to insist upon being released, but was sent to an intensive monitoring room, and a plastic tube was inserted into her stomach for 24 hours. Since she was not allowed to use a bath room, she was forced to urinate in her trousers. After going on a hunger strike for three months, Zhou Meihua was left in a critical situation. She was carried out of the camp on a stretcher while receiving oxygen. Through the means of a hunger strike, Man Chunrong, Hu Guilian, Sun Xiuzhen, Wang Xinyue, and Fu Shurong were released. To protect Dafa, Yang Ming went on a long term hunger strike in the mini-cell, but owing to savage torture, she mentally collapsed, and her leg became crippled.

After the 2002 Chinese New Year, police officers dragged Dafa practitioners into the mini-cells, and conducted body-searches by stripping them. They were put on the 'torture cap'. The female criminals stomped on their bare feet heavily with leather shoes. Another horrible way they tortured Dafa practitioners was by lifting them up into the air with a rope going underneath their perineum, and then putting them onto a chair. Then they would shake the chair with the practitioner's one leg tied down to a fixed point, and shake the other leg, which caused unbearable pains to the Dafa practitioners. The more agony practitioners showed, the more they would shake. The police officers stuffed dirty aprons into practitioner's mouths with a steel hook, beat their genital areas with the sharp end of a mop handle, or kicked their genital areas with their heavy shoes. The criminals poured water into practitioners shirts, forced a big coke bottle full of cold water down their throats, or stuffed the bottle into their mouths. The criminals also messed up their faces with a dirty floor mop, shoved a dirty mop into practitioner's mouths, or pierced their feet with sharp scissors and punch practitioner's breasts. After torturing practitioners for extended periods, practitioners were then sent to the intensive monitoring room where only a few pieces of wood were available, and they were forced to shiver all night long in the cold weather. Often, practitioners four limbs were shackled to the corners of the bed. Chamber pots were available only three times a day and only one of hand would be freed when practitioners had to use them. The same happened at the meal times: only one hand was freed. When practitioners were finally released from that torture, their four limbs were unable to move, the skin on both hands was deeply cracked open, and the whole body was swollen.

Those who suffered from such tortures included: Sun Yan (Evil police officers forcibly inserted hot pepper into her vagina), Chen Hui, Fu Shuying (her vagina became seriously infected because of the torture), Zhong Shujuan, Wang Lijun, Huang Qiuxia and some others.

The above are just some of my experiences and the facts that I learned. Due to the tight guarding in the forced labor camp, more facts are yet to be known.