(Clearwisdom.net) This is a review of several reports from China. According to the latest news from the Yellow River Water Conservancy Committee, due to the severe low water level, the whole area along the Yellow River is in an emergency state. The total amount of water in the five reservoirs of the Yellow River is estimated to be 12,400,000,000 cubic meters. This is 7,300,000,000 cubic meters less than the same period last year. It has reached the lowest point in several years. According to the Weather Department, in the spring of this year the precipitation has been comparatively small. The Yellow River areas are in a severe drought.

Historically speaking, the Yellow River seldom has a low water level. It has brought hardship to industry, agriculture and the local residents. The Yellow River runs through Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, and NeiMenggu. There is a shortage of electricity in the whole province of Gansu.

What experts are particularly concerned about is the increase in frequency, duration and scope of the normal changes in water levels. Experts cite drought and over use of water in the North to be contributing factors to the drought. Is the Yellow River collecting karmic payment for the overuse of its water?

Specialists predict that if no effective measures are employed to protect the Yellow River, this "Mother of Chinese civilization" will become dry and bring grave consequences to the residents and environment along the Yellow River. Chinese civilisation sprung from the abundance of the Yellow River, what could its drying up indicate?