I attained the Fa in Hainan Province during a 14-day holiday in 1998. I think it was an arrangement of the Teacher, it brought together with the predestined relationship. The book Zhuan Falun, which my mother had given me 6 months ago, was left by my bedside without a glance. All parents love their children, good stuff would be told first to their daughter. Once I went back to Shenzhen, the first thing my parents said to me was "Falun Dafa is good," "as you have so many illnesses, it could help you to relieve the pain." My mother had been troubled by my sickness. I was in an oxygen tent when I was born, and I was particularly unwell. In the third year of primary school, I got hepatitis, schoolmates didn't want to play with me in fear of infection. When I was a child, I've already had rheumatalgia and lumbago. In middle school, I had migraine and dymenorrhoea. When I started to work, doctors told me that I had myocardial infarction. I never had one good day in life. I had mental anxiety, insomnia, irritable temper and often cried into my pillow. Medicine caused my body to swell and look ugly. I've tried many Chinese herbs and nutritious products, with minimum monthly cost of 4,800 Yuan [Chinese dollar. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is about 500 Yuan, but only 200 Yuan for a rural worker]. When I attained Dafa, my life changed.

I've practiced for five years. The night I learned Dafa, I read through the book Zhuan Falun without stopping in the middle. It was a mystical feeling: I felt a heat in my entire body. At four o'clock in the morning, a practitioner came to take me to the practice site. When practicing the holding the wheel exercise, I felt that I was holding a big stone, round and big. It disappeared when I opened my eyes. My entire body was sweating after the moving exercises. When practicing the sitting meditation, I couldn't sit in a cross-legged lotus position. It was painful. I silently read the sentence in Zhuan Falun: "When it is difficult to endure it, you can endure it. When it is impossible to do it, it is possible to do it." I did complete the full set of exercises at the first time. I felt it was magical. I didn't sleep that night but didn't feel a bit of tiresome. Instead, I was vigorous. Then I wanted to read Teacher's books and go to practice site after returning to Hong Kong.

After the holidays I returned to work, my colleagues praised my complexion and vigor. I was excited telling them: "I tell you, that I've learned Falun Gong on Hainan Island." I asked them to learn with me, they seemed had never heard of such practice. Teacher has taught me the practice of cultivating both body and mind. I understood that Falun Dafa directly goes to one's heart, and that cultivating one's xinxing is the key to gain gong, how high your xinxing is then how high is your gong. -- This is an absolute truth in universe. After some time of cultivation, all my previous sickness was gone. After a while, I started to experience eliminating karma. I came to understand that the karma we have accumulated for lives would cause us such hardship and pain. Only by cultivation practice, one can change his life, eliminate and transform karma. One day, I had a toothache, where I could neither speak nor open my mouth to drink water. I had to use a straw. I thought that the pain was really nothing. If I wanted overcome it then I could. Another day, I stumbled off from the escalator after work, a passerby stopped and looked at me. I rubbed my feet and put on my shoes without worrying about it. I called my husband and wanted to tell him about my fall. However he said he was busy and hung up the phone. After returning home, I told my daughter about it and said feeling a bit of the pain. Suddenly, I did feel the pain when I said it. The next day, my foot swelled. Returning to the office, I realized that I described it incorrectly. I should not have mixed my thoughts up with the standard of every day people. When I understand it was a xinxing test for me, I was enlightened to the principle. Three days later, the swelling was gone and it didn't hurt any more. Colleagues thought it was amazing and talked about it among themselves. I only said one thing: "Falun Dafa is good."

Another time, as I was preparing the fitting of clothes for a client, a light tube suddenly fell as if a demon drove it down, quickly sliding down toward my head. But I didn't have a fear, just felt someone had brushed my head. A sound of bang, immediately, the client was shocked. Colleagues came to ask, it also drew attention from other staff.

Every time I experience the eliminating karma and tests, Teacher's poems would appear in my head, to remind me and to strengthen my heart. Then it would be over in a day or half. Every problem is a test of our xinxing, we ought view it from the Fa's perspective. Study more, practice more, not tenaciously defenc our own concepts and notions, and also not require others to comply with our notions. Understanding others more from their perspective, yet not merely caring more for ourselves without caring others' feeling. Let go of our selfishness and attachments. Xinxing then will improve, body and heart will benefit, and moral standard will upgrade. From the experience of Fa-rectification, I feel a kind of predestined relationship and an eagerness of all beings to obtain Fa.

When clarifying the truth, my colleagues and clients expressed understanding when I told them about my changes and the persecution in Mainland. My family supports my practice and truth clarification. My 12-year-old daughter started to practice as well and improved a lot in her exam then before.

My daughter and I often go out to clarity the truth after my work. Because I often get off late, sometimes I do that at my lunch break.

Dafa is hard to attain. I am directly benefited. Such benefit I will never forget. No matter in any adverse circumstances I would not change my determination of cultivation practice. I hope that we can look inward when facing problems, remember that we are Dafa practitioners and future enlightened beings. No difficulty is a difficulty for us. Regard the Fa as a teacher.

Wish we would improve diligently together, reaching consummation when completing the historical mission of assisting Teacher in Fa-rectification and saving beings.