The "Self"

The matter within the universe during the Fa-rectification period can be classified into two types: one type is the rectified form of life that has been assimilated to the Fa, and the other type is the old form of life which has undergone degeneration. These two types of matter-based life forms also co-exist within my "self." The portion in me that has reached completion after obtaining the Fa belongs to the type of matter that is the rectified form of life. Whereas, the portion in me that has not reached completion is the same as the old form of life that has undergone degeneration, which is part of the old matter within the universe. Who would want to cling onto this latter portion of the "self"?


Jealousy is an obsession of a person regarding the mistakes and shortcomings of others. A jealous person likes to gossip, does not accept others as they are, and often feels as though they have been treated unfairly. Outwardly, whatever the jealous person does appears to be for the well being of others, but deep in his mind, his thoughts are entirely different. This type of person always wants others to follow his own way of thinking. For himself, he thinks that he is great and becomes intolerant when others are doing better than he is. He likes to impose his own ideas on others. Looking at it from another perspective, it is like forcing another person to accept his own concepts and narrow mindset, which thus prevents others from being able to return to their true selves. This behavior is no different from taking something from another person, which is wrong. The source of all this is "selfishness."

Material Gains

Seen from the perspective of a high level, a person's material gains and material possessions in this world are actually a process of how material particles are being transported within the environment that the particles exist. The whole process is part of the dynamics of the entire matter, which is defined by a high level law of material dynamics, and which cannot be controlled by humans. A person's desire to gain more than what he has been assigned will result in either the person not being able to receive what he is pursuing, or the person creating more karma for himself. This is because these laws have been broken. It is something that cannot be evaluated by using our human concepts.

The above is my personal understanding. Please feel free to comment and offer suggestions.