(Clearwisdom.net) I know a woman, a Falun Dafa practitioner. In order to resist the persecution, she had conducted several hunger strikes and walked out of the detention center in an upright and noble manner. She had no fear when clarifying the truth and handing out truth clarification materials.

One day when she went to the Tiananmen to validate the Fa [Law and principles] she placed flyers that she had written herself onto a police car. The flyers read "Give back the good name of Falun Dafa," "Restore the good name of our Teacher" and "Falun Dafa is good." When a policeman discovered them, he used his radio to report to his superior, "Something happened here... send reinforcements right away...I see the flyers stuck on the car but not who did it." Not long after, a group of soldiers and policemen came and stood in front of the police car. However, flyers now appeared at the back of the car. They said the same words that the police had called in to report to their superiors, "Emergency... I see the flyers stuck on the car but not who did it.." Instantly, a police car carrying dozens of soldiers and policemen, rushed to the scene. It was total chaos. The policemen began to arrest people at random. The policemen, with radios in their hands, rushed from one side of the car to the other while new flyers kept appearing. The faces of these soldiers and policemen all turned pale and they could only repeat the words, "We only see the flyers after they've been posted, but cannot not see the person who who is doing it." Actually, she was behind the policemen the entire time.

This practitioner had set a very strict standard for herself and lived a very simple life. Once I bought some corn on the cob and grilled it. When I handed her some corn she was very much surprised and asked me, "How do you know I like to eat corn on the cob?" I stood with amazement. Then she told me a story. A few days back when she returned from clarifying the truth she saw someone selling corn on the cob. She wanted to have an ear of boiled corn very much. However, with a second thought, she lost her desire to have the corn. She had the thought that one yuan could only buy one ear of corn. However, if she used the money on clarifying the truth, the money might save several people. Even though she still had a strong desire to eat the corn, she said to Teacher silently, "Teacher, I have always been very strict with myself and have never wasted a cent. Looking back, to avoid arrest, I was forced to leave home and go from place to place for more than two years now. I had been arrested and went on hunger strike several times (The longest was four months). I endured them all without any request. But today I really want to have some corn." After struggling in her my mind over the issue, she decided not to buy it and left the place. She reminded herself that she should not have that attachment.

Just at that time, as she stood there, a woman selling the corn yelled towards her, "Five pieces for one yuan, hurry if you want to buy." The practitioner thought for a while but still hated to waste a single cent. When she was about to leave, the woman peddler said, "When it was one yuan each you thought it's too expensive, now I give you five for one yuan you still don't want to buy. Come, my sister." The practitioner was very much amazed and thought to herself, "How do you know?" But then without thinking she handed over one yuan and the woman gave her five pieces of corn that were big and of very good quality. Finally that woman even gave her one extra. When this practitioner held the six pieces of corn in hand she instantly enlightened to what had happened and her tears shed down endlessly. She said silently in her heart, "Teacher! My Teacher, you know your student's heart best!"

When she finished the story I held the grilled corn with both hands and presented them to her, "My sister, eat them please!" Such a good practitioner, when she walked out of the out of the demon's den, she had not one cent. She ate poplar leaves, drank sewage water from the moat, and slept in an open, desolate, uninhabited area. She had many more stories to tell; all of them reflected the firm determination of a Dafa practitioner during the Fa Rectification.