I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. In 2000, I was illegally sentenced to 2 years of forced labor in the Dalian Forced Labor Camp in Liaoning Province because I went to Beijing to appeal. I was viciously tortured in the labor camp, but I had unshakable faith in our Teacher and Dafa, and had never compromised to the evil. In 2002, I nobly and uprightly walked out of the forced labor camp. The following is my experience of being cruelly tortured in the Dalian Forced Labor Camp, which will reveal to people how the guards persecuted Falun Gong practitioners.

After the female supervisor, Yuan Mingyin, of the Dalian Forced Labor Camp came back from the "training course" at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp [which teaches guards from other forced labor camps how to use the extreme and cruel methods at Masanjia to force Dafa practitioners to renounce their belief], she cruelly tortured practitioners. She cursed Dafa often, cursed our Teacher, and beat practitioners. Also, she often rummaged around everywhere looking for Dafa related materials, and forced practitioners to pay a fine if she found any materials. Moreover, she forced practitioners to sign statements declaring that they were willing to pay the fine. If Dafa practitioners refused, she would punish all the practitioners by forcing them to stand motionless for long a period of time. She did not allow the practitioners to sleep day and night, and forced them to recite the rules of the labor camp until midnight. If any practitioners refused, she beat them severely. If she discovered any practitioners reciting Teacher's articles, she fined them and confiscated the articles. Whoever conducted a hunger strike in protest of the persecution or stepped forward to safeguard Dafa, was sent to small cells to be tortured.

Han, the director of the Dalian Forced Labor Camp is the main culprit there in persecuting Dafa practitioners. He instigated a few female criminals to specially torture practitioners detained in small cells. The cruel methods applied include:

  • Practitioners were hung up by their handcuffs, with one leg being tied up. The perpetrators then swung the other leg with all their strength, in whatever way that would cause the greatest pain to practitioners.
  • They poured cold water on the practitioners' clothes in the winter.
  • They used scissors to stab the soles of practitioners' feet.
  • They hung up practitioners forcing their full body weight to bear down on a rope strung between their legs causing intense and unbearable pain from their genital area to their anus.
  • They used a bottle to pound practitioners' mouths, making their lips swell a great deal and made their faces so swollen that they became unrecognizable.
  • They forced practitioners to wear a special hat with rope going around its edge. They then tightened the rope to such an extent that practitioners' heads became swollen and started to bleed.
  • They used the end of a mop handle to jab at practitioners' genitalia, and also kicked their genitals until they became bruised until black and swollen.
  • Worrying that other people could hear the miserable cries from the small cell, they stuffed dirty rags into practitioners' mouths using a steel wire to fasten it there.

Any practitioner found to be the first to practice Falun Gong exercises, studying the Fa, or reciting Teacher's articles, would be put into the small cell by the guards, and have their hands cuffed and then hung up. The guards also used leather shoes to harshly stomp on those practitioners' bare feet until their toes became bruised black. When practitioners were released, their hands were shaking and they could not stand. The skin on their wrists was split open and their hands went numb due to being handcuffed for a long period of time.

Once, as I stood up for Dafa with determination, I was sent to a strict control room after being tortured by aforementioned cruel means. Inside the strict control room, there were only a few wooden boards on the bed without any covers, and my hands and feet were shackled to the bed 24 hours a day. I could not move at all. I was bleeding terribly under the cruel torture, my pants were full of blood and feces, my blood made the boards all red, and my whole body was so cold that it shook and made the whole bed shake along with it. Everyday when I had to relieve myself, one of my hands was still shackled. After the evil people had tortured me, they were scared that people would knowing the real reason for my bleeding so they forced me to say it was caused by my period.

I am appealing to the "World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong" to immediately investigate the facts of Dalian Forced Labor Camp's brutal persecution of Dafa and Dafa practitioners and stop this kind of atrocity.