Chu Congrui lived in Xujia Village, Tiande District, Shulan City, Jilin Province. Once at a group experience-sharing meeting, the assistant said that because of space limitations, only assistants and veteran practitioners should attend. Just then, a pure and beautiful girl of sixteen or seventeen started crying. This was Congrui. The assistant asked her, "Why are you crying?" She said, "I am not an assistant, and not a veteran either, but I came." Having heard this, everybody laughed and said, "You can just come from now on." Hearing this, Congrui smiled happily.

In August of 2000, Congrui went to Beijing to validate Dafa. She was arrested, taken back to her local government, and detained in Tiande District. After breaking free by sending forth righteous thoughts, she did odd jobs in a restaurant in Shulan City and her boss knew that she was a Dafa practitioner. Since Congrui's words and behavior demonstrated the peacefulness and harmony of Dafa and she did two workers' jobs single-handedly, her boss had a very good impression of her and told her, "Just work here. If they want to arrest you again, I will protect you." Later, Congrui went to Beijing on October 1 to validate Dafa and was arrested by the police and detained in a district leader's home. She broke free by sending forth righteous thoughts and went to Beijing to appeal, with two fellow practitioners. She was arrested when she unfurled a banner in Tiananmen Square. She was identified in the Jilin Provincial Office in Beijing. Then, after again freeing herself with righteous thoughts, she went to Tiananmen to validate Dafa and was tortured to death by the police.

Upon arriving in Beijing to identify her body, Congrui's grandfather found her nose flattened from a vicious beating. However, the police said that she'd had a heart attack, and extorted money from her family members.

People in her hometown all thought of Chu Congrui as a good person. She was a pure and flawless practitioner in validating the Fa.

Wang Guoping, lived in Shulan City and was about forty years old. He was of tall and sturdy stature, with a heroic visage. Once after July 20, 1999, when truth-clarification material was needed, Guoping said with a smile, "I will do it." Soon he came back with the copied materials and said, still with a smile, "The people in the copy store thought I was a policeman! They finished the copying very quickly without asking any questions."

In September he went to Tiananmen Square with fellow practitioners to validate Dafa. At the Square, he remained calm, confident, and unhurried in sharing experiences with fellow practitioners from other places. They encouraged each other and elevated as a whole. After a couple of weeks, he was arrested by policemen and escorted to the Jilin Provincial Office in Beijing. When breaking out from the 8th floor through an air conditioning duct, Guoping fell down and died.

In the local residents' memory, he made an impression of being always smiling. His moving stories of taking pleasure in helping people were praised and spread widely. In fellow practitioners' memory, he was always unhurried, honest, and fearless.


Sun Jianhua, lived in Kaiyuan Village of Shulan City, and was in his thirties. After July 20, 1999 Jianhua went to Beijing to validate the Fa and was arrested. After being taken back to his local government, he was illegally detained in a forced-labor camp. After being released from the labor camp, Jianhua, together with fellow practitioners, made truth-clarifying materials to save people. Later, the police destroyed that location and he became homeless. Because the local police wanted to arrest him, he stayed outdoors for seven days and seven nights, and suffered from hunger and cold. When I found him, he was already extremely weak. That very night he left us forever.

Sun Jianhua died of persecution by the Jiang-Luo political gang. However, "Shulan Daily" newspaper distorted the facts and said that Jianhua had a "heart attack" and died of refusing any medical treatment.


Chen Yongzhe, another Falun Gong practitioner in Shulan City, was illegally put in the forced labor camp of Jilin City and suffered cruel mental and physical persecution. He was tied to the "Dead Man's Bed" (a type of torture where the four limbs of the practitioner are stretched out and tied to the four corners of an icy-cold metal bed. The practitioner cannot move at all.) and simultaneously shocked by five electric batons. After being tortured cruelly for more than three hours, he was "released on bail for medical treatment." Medical treatments didn't work and he died of the extreme damage to his body from the torture. In this case, "Shulan Daily" also distorted the facts and declared that Chen Yongzhe died from "refusing any medical treatment."


Wang Shuquan, lived in Lianhua District of Shulan City, and was about thirty years old. I met him in the Jilin City labor camp during the first half of 2000. His face was pale, his breath was labored and he could only move slowly. Seeing that I was practicing the sitting exercise and handwriting Zhuan Falun, he was encouraged and started reading Dafa books and practicing the exercises again.

Once I asked him, "You now have been persecuted to such a great extent. Do you still believe Dafa?" He said, "How could I disbelieve it?" He told me that his main spirit once left his body and saw a supernatural phenomenon when he was practicing the sitting exercise in his hometown.

Later, Shuquan was released on bail for medical treatment and soon died of the persecution by the evil old forces. Upon his leaving, he told his relatives and good friends around him, "You go out to watch the sky. There are two clouds with silver edges." His mother went out and saw two beautiful clouds with white edges floating in the sky. Shuquan also said, "I came to this world for the sake of my second older brother. Brother, you must learn and practice Dafa! You must cherish Dafa!" After Shuquan was gone, a non-practitioner child saw a wonderful image of Shuquan siting on a lotus.

Many respectful fellow practitioners have departed. We will melt our sorrows in our unlimited compassion to save sentient beings, by doing a good job in the three tasks required by Teacher in order to form a harmonic whole body, to elevate as one body, and to make good progress in our cultivation together.