Squarely Facing Danger, Wife Speaks of Justice and Frightens Police

In the middle of the night, seven or eight evil policemen climbed over the wall of a residence to reach the courtyard of a Dafa practitioner's home, and knocked on the door. They wanted to take away the husband, a Dafa practitioner. The wife put on her clothes, stood by the door and reprimanded the evil policemen loudly, "If you dare to break in shamelessly like this, I will not let you get away with it. My husband practices Falun Gong and has done nothing wrong. Instead of catching criminals, you spend all your time kidnapping Falun Gong practitioners. You should really worry about retribution you will receive for your wrongdoings! If you don't get out of here now, I am going to shout for help! You are simply a bunch of bandits " By then the neighbors next door came out of their house. The police saw the situation and left, crestfallen. From then on, these corrupt policemen dared not to go to this practitioner's home to harass him anymore. When fellow practitioners heard about this incident, they all said that the wife did great! If every body resisted the evil, the wicked policemen would not dare to harass good people anymore.

An Old Father Chases the Police Out of His Home

There was a family in a village in the countryside. The father was over 70 years old, and even though he did not cultivate Dafa, he often helped his son and daughter-in-law to prepare Dafa truth-clarification materials. One time, the lawless police from the local police station came to his home to harass and threaten his family. This really made the elderly father angry. He picked up a rod and, as if chasing wolves, he chased the police out of his yard. He said to the police, "If you come again to my home to slander Dafa, I will break your legs." The evil policemen knew that justice was not on their side and since then, they dared not to come to his home again to harass anyone.

Seven or Eight Families of Dafa Practitioners Went to the County Government Demanding Justice; the Head of the Political Security Section Yielded and Released the Dafa Practitioners

In one township, there was a family in which all the members except the elderly father were Dafa practitioners. One time, all the practitioner members of the family went to Beijing to appeal. Upon returning home they were kidnapped and held in the township detention center. They went on a hunger strike protesting the illegal detention for many days, but the county police department did not release them. The elderly father gathered 7 or 8 families of Dafa practitioners and they went to the county government demanding their family members back. The head of the political security section took advantage of his position and tried to bully the families. The father pointed at the section head and said, "You are not very good. Last time four kidnapped Dafa practitioners who went to Beijing to appeal were hauled back by you. Li's family gave you 2000 Yuan and you let Li go right away, tell me, is that true?" There were many other policemen and other staff at the scene; the section head's face flushed bright red, he lowered his head and walked away without a word.

Two days later, the 50-plus practitioners who were on the hunger strike were unconditionally released. The local people all said that the righteous actions of the Dafa practitioners' families was effective.