Another year has passed following Teacher within Fa-Rectification. My experiences have been difficult, but also filled with happiness.

Unexpected Money for Shoes

Falun Dafa practitioner, Qu Qu, spent all his salary on materials to clarify the truth during Fa-rectification. For a long time he wore a pair of worn-out shoes. One day, a fellow practitioner told me that we needed 100 meters of yellow cloth to make truth-clarifying materials. I thought to myself, I will buy Qu Qu a pair of shoes after I buy the yellow cloth. That day, business was very slow and I earned very little money, barely enough to buy the yellow cloth. I decided that I would first buy the shoes and 50 meters of yellow cloth and then the next day buy the rest of the yellow cloth. Immediately after I bought the shoes, a miracle happened -- I found money in my purse that I did not know I had. The amount was equivalent to how much I had spent on the shoes.

Helping Each Other

Mr. Zhao made many technical breakthroughs in constructing speakers that can be activated at a preset time. Because of his efforts many areas in our district heard broadcasts clarifying the truth about Falun Gong. The old forces set up many obstacles. Pressure from Mr. Zhao's family suddenly intensified. Ms. Lan gave one-half of her newly earned salary to encourage Mr. Zhao. She used the other half of her salary to make truth-clarifying materials. Ms. Lan has spent tens of thousands of Yuan (US$1 = 8 Yuan) of her savings on truth-clarifying materials. She herself lives a very simple life.

Banners Radiating Golden Light

Ms. Zhang makes her livelihood from renting rooms, yet she gave us the best room she had so that we could make truth-clarifying materials. In order to avoid bringing attention to our activities, we rarely left the room. We often ate instant noodles for lunch. Ms. Zhang always brought us delicious cookies. We used screen-printing techniques and each time we printed large quantities. We hung many pieces of string from the ceiling and we hung up our freshly printed banners from these strings to dry. While sending forth righteous thoughts, we sat underneath this forest of hundreds of banners. When the sun shone through the window, everything radiated with golden light. It was a beautiful scene!

We Choose Our Own Path

A fellow practitioner who went by the name "Big Man" obtained the Fa early and had developed many supernormal abilities. However, he never went out to clarify the truth. He told me: "I was too comfortable before. I could make wind and rain (He wasn't exaggerating). I don't know why, but nowadays I feel constrained. I cannot use any of my supernormal abilities." It is always our choice whether we stay on this path of cultivating and rectifying Dafa.

The Enlightened

Ms. Yang has been making truth-clarifying materials for a long time. One day as I was delivering information to Ms. Yang, the police broke into her house. Ms. Yang did not cooperate with the police at all. She protected me and gave me the opportunity to escape while she herself was arrested.

Ms. Yang would often tell me a story about another female fellow practitioner, who she referred to as her elder sister. One time, while fellow practitioners were driving around in a car clarifying the truth, they were followed by police. They tried hard but could not get away from the car tailing them. At this critical moment, her elder sister jumped out of their car and blocked the police car with her body. All the practitioners shed tears when they turned their head to watch the magnificent scene.


A young fellow practitioner told me, Jin (a pseudonym) could not be reached, and was concerned that something had happened to her. I said, "That's impossible." The next day I went to Jin's place. Indeed, an unfortunate thing had happened to her. Undercover police had waited inside her home and had arrested her and when I came they also arrested me. At a recent Fa-Lecture, our Teacher talked about how the old forces saw that some students believe that once they have learned Dafa they have nothing to worry about [Please refer to Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia.] I indeed had this thought at that moment - as long as I have learned Dafa nothing could happen to me. After I read Teacher's Fa-lecture, I suddenly realized that I had many misunderstandings of the Fa.

Righteous Thoughts

We were detained separately and were tortured with various brutal methods. Although during this great tribulation, we did not do well in some areas, we did not point fingers and complain to each other; instead, our hearts were full of compassion. In the detention center, I thought deeply to myself: My cultivation of Dafa is not wrong. My existence is absolutely not for suffering in a prison but for clarifying the truth outside. After 17 days I was released from the detention center. Jin and Mr. Xu were also released after 70 to 80 days of being on a hunger strike. Some practitioners were sentenced to seven years in prison.

Opportunities to Clarify the Truth

I was hired by a company where every day I had to work until 10 pm, including weekends. This was an old force arrangement. They were trying to persecute me with time. The job gave me no time to read the Fa and no time to send forth righteous thoughts or to clarify the truth. I suddenly realized that the old forces arranged everything in the human world, but that my studying the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts, and clarifying the truth was not arranged by them -- these things emanated from Dafa. To deny everything the old forces had arranged, I seriously thought about quitting my job. I was paid very well. I wondered how I could rectify the Fa. What could I not give up? As I thought about it calmly I became more clear-minded. There are many opportunities in cultivation. Sentient beings in many different environments want to establish predestined relationships with us and are waiting for us to save them.

In the company, I clarified the truth to a wide range of people. I clarified the truth to everyone I met; my wisdom appeared to be totally liberated. Moreover, I was never exposed to the police. I was told that some rural villages had never seen a truth-clarifying flyer. I wrote truth-clarifying materials on my own. During the day I went to work and at night I went to clarify the truth. I would study the Fa after I came back from clarifying the truth.

The most difficult thing during that time was to not be able to read Teacher's new articles or the experience-sharing articles on Minghui.

I Want to Return Home

My boss asked me go to Northeast China for a business trip. When I arrived in Shenyang City in Liaoning Province, several lesions formed on my leg. On the day when my pain was most severe I could barely breathe. I wanted to throw up but could not. I sat down to send forth righteous thoughts, but I fainted. When I woke up, I tried to send forth righteous thoughts again and I fainted yet again. I really felt as if death was approaching. I could not understand what was happening. I continuously cried out "I want to study the Fa. I want to return home with Teacher. I do not know what kind of oath I made before, but today, I am clear-headed. I want to make a new oath." When I finally recovered, my clothes were soaked with sweat.

This has been my year following Teacher within Fa-rectification. We will continue to grow more mature Teacher; we will do even better.