Jiang Xiuying, female, 52, was from Tugang Village, Xingwangzhai Township, Zunhua City, Hebei Province.

From July 3 to 7, 2000, the Xingwangzhai Township Government and Shirengou Police Station conspired and arrested 4 male and 13 female Dafa practitioners. It was during the heat of summer; the average temperature was 39oC (102.2oF), and there were two days when the mercury hit 39.4oC (102.92oF). The apprehended practitioners were exposed to the scorching sun outside twice a day. Each practitioner was given only half a bowl of rice soup at mealtime.

The police did not give Jiang Xiuying anything to eat for three consecutive days. On July 25, it was raining hard; the police forced her to stand in the rain for the entire day. She became very weak. The police realized she wasn't going to make it and sent her home. Ten minutes after she returned home, she died.

Zhao Xiuqi, male, 59, of Room 20, Building 15, Fangezhuang Mine, Kuailuan, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, was detained by his work unit for 41 days on July 10, 2000.

On October 19, he was tricked to the police unit at his workplace, illegally fined 2000 Yuan, and detained for a total of 11 months. While in detention, he was beaten and his family was harassed by the police. He was released on August 18, 2001.

Perpetrators include:

Director of Police Unit: Li Heping

Policeman: Zhang Shaoqi

Police Captain: Meng XX

On October 17, 2002, he was taken away by the wicked policemen, Li Heping and Li Yaoting. His home was also ransacked. On October 24, he was sent to the Tangshan City Second Detention Center to be tortured. Forty days later, he died.

While in detention, his family was not allowed to see him. He was a very healthy man; how was he tortured to death in police custody? We hope insiders can provide some details.