On the morning of September 27, 2002, Tao Jinsong of the Xishui County "610 Office" in Hubei Province led seven or eight police officers to go kidnap Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Huang Simei, who was working in her shop. They detained her in the county's jail. They handcuffed her to a wooden chair and one after another they interrogated her and tortured her cruelly and inhumanly.

The police officers ruthlessly beat her day and night, not allowing her to sleep. They forced her to eat but did not allow her to use the rest room. After 9 o'clock every night, policeman Gan Shitao would unleash his demonic nature to torture her every way he could. Her legs were bruised from top to bottom from being kicked. On one occasion they pulled her hair back as they beat her, and poured boiling water onto her face. They did not allow her to stand or sit. They forced her to stand on her toes while bending forward at the waist. A policeman standing beside her kicked her legs and back when she was in that posture. On the morning of the 31st, policeman Tao Jinsong again brutally beat Huang Simei. When he was exhausted from beating her, he would use his shoes to beat her further. They did not stop torturing her until they thought she was going to have a heart attack. They sent her to the county hospital where they verified that she did experience a heart attack.

Despite suffering from such torture, Huang Simei still had the resolve to clarify the truth to all the people she could reach, to tell them how she has become a truly better person through practicing Falun Dafa. Everyone in the detention center, including all the prisoners and the illegally detained Dafa practitioners saw how Huang Simei was covered with severe bruises all over her body. Her family went to the security office every day to try to get her back home. Eventually, the corrupt police in the detention center became afraid that she would die there so they illegally extorted 3000 Yuan from her family and released her to die at home.