After reading Teacher's new lecture, "Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference," I corrected one of my notions. I used to think that I contributed to Dafa, did something for Dafa and Teacher. Also I thought that I was very magnificent for spreading Dafa, and helping Teacher in the human world. Actually all the things that I had done, were only for my own benefit. Speaking of the three things that Teacher requires of us, clarifying the truth is to consummate our own universe, sending forth righteous thoughts is to eliminate one's bad notions and evil elements that prevent us from becoming more diligent, and studying the Fa is to enable us to assimilate to the Fa and reach Dafa's standard. All these three things are done for ourselves, not for Teacher or Dafa. Teacher is truly compassionate and great. We are only able to show compassion to the sentient beings that are below our level. To sentient beings whose levels are higher than ours, we really do not have the capability to show compassion to them or do something for them.

Teacher scooped us out of hell and chose to save our lives. Even though we do our best in everything we are supposed to do, we are at most repaying Teacher's compassion for choosing to save us. In the past when I read the article of "The Disciples' Magnificence" (Essentials for Further Advancement II), I thought that I was really "magnificent." Now looking back, I feel really ashamed.

If I create a couple of pictures with a computer, these pictures are nothing, not even a life form, when compared to me. They are of totally different characteristics. For those pictures that I create, I can arbitrarily choose any one of them and it won't matter what my choice is, it will all be correct. I can delete the pictures or keep some of them, but faced with my choice, the pictures have no right to choose being kept or deleted. The relationship between Teacher and sentient beings is similar to that between me and the pictures. Of course, the analogy is not totally accurate. Our lives were created at different levels and higher level beings create lower level beings. Moreover, one thought from the higher beings can easily create beings at lower levels, which is a lot simpler than my process of creating a picture.

In this case, our cultivation, our purifying ourselves, and letting go of our strong attachments to self and our warped notions so as not to contaminate the universe, are all to harmonize Teacher's choices to save our lives and be worthy of Teacher's choice. We need to complete things according to what Teacher said, which is our best thought. As for other beings and gods, when dealing with our cultivation, they shall contribute their best ideas and approaches, not to change what Teacher wanted; they should harmonize and complete things according to Teacher's choices and help us become better practitioners. This would be their best thought.

With Fa-rectification progressing to this stage, there is no excuse for us to slack off and not live up to the requirements of the Fa.