February 5, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Dafa practitioner from Heilongjiang Province, male, 38 years old, and a middle school teacher. Ever since the beginning of the persecution of Dafa in 1999, I have actively joined the current of assisting Teacher in rectifying the Fa. I have been arrested by the criminal police [referring to police who arrest innocent citizens illegally, violating their own constitution] many times, and have been illegally imprisoned, forced to attend brainwashing classes, and sent to forced labor camp. I will hereby briefly describe how I was persecuted nearly to death twice in the last two years by the evil forces.

On January 15, 2002, I went with a female practitioner to another fellow practitioner's home to deliver some Dafa truth-clarifying materials. However, we unexpectedly encountered police from Wuolitun Police Station who were illegally searching this practitioner's home. I was forcibly taken to the police station together with the female practitioner. That evening, the police spent a whole night torturing me in an attempt to extort a confession from me. They asked me where I got the materials. They tied me onto an iron chair. My hands were cuffed and my feet were shackled. The police covered my head with a plastic bag and poured chili water into my eyes. They also clipped my neck to the chair, kicked the handcuffs I was wearing and hit the bridge of my nose, breaking it. Despite this, they failed to obtain a single word from me. Finally, the police sent me to Longfeng Detention Center and illegally detained me there. By then, I had been tortured to the point where I was extremely weak, and I had almost lost my memory. However, I firmly resisted the evil. I held a hunger strike for almost a month to protest the illegal persecution. I was not sent to Daqing City No. 5 Hospital until I was at death's door.

Seeing that my life was in danger, the doctor dared not admit me. Then the evil transferred me to Daqing City No. 1 Hospital. The doctors applied emergency care for nearly a month to rescue me. After that, my health recovered slightly (at that time, I was "on bail for treating illness"). Afterwards, elderly practitioner Wang Shuqin (who later was tortured to death during Mid-Autumn Festival in 2002) came to see me, and took me out. After coming back, I resumed regular Fa study and practice. Very quickly, my health recovered. But the vicious criminals were still looking for me everywhere, so I had to leave home. Later, I learned that my case had been transferred to the procuratorate, and it was said that they had secretly decided to sentence me to eight years of imprisonment. The female practitioner who went to distribute Dafa materials with me was illegally sentenced to six years, and is now imprisoned in Harbin Women's Jail.

On the afternoon of November 27, 2002, I went to the place of a practitioner from another city to deliver Dafa materials. Three policemen who were waiting there caught me and beat me brutally. They intentionally hit my head until I fainted. Then they carried me to Fuqiang Police Station of Sa District Police Department of Daqing City. I did not regain consciousness until a long time later. Afterwards, they sent me to Sa District Detention Center in Daqing City, and illegally detained me there.

The next day, the team leader of Sa District National Security Team, Sui, came with another person to interrogate me. They forced me to tell them where I got the Dafa materials. I refused, so they pushed me to the ground, kicked and hit me. Chief Sui hit my face and head, while the other evil hooligan specifically kicked my bare feet. They hit me for more than one hour until I was black and blue. When they caught me on the 27th, they hit my left eye socket and caused it to bleed. I already had a wound there from a previous beating.

Then, a special case team was formed. Four policemen from the criminal police team came to carry out 24-hour confession extortion with torture. These four cruel policemen brought me to the criminal case interrogation room. They took off all my clothes (except the short underpants), tied me up on an iron chair, and cuffed my hands behind my back. At that time, they also intended to put shackles on my feet. But because they could not find the key, they had to give up. The winter temperature in Northern China was extremely low. They opened the windows and the door, showered snow on my naked body, and poured ice-cold water on me in an attempt to freeze me day and night.

As they failed to obtain the source of Dafa materials, a chief from Sa District Police Department roared, "Torture him to death". One policeman tightened my chin with a towel and pulled my chin backward with all his force. At the same time, he kept threatening, "Will you tell us or not?" My neck was almost broken. I sent forth righteous thoughts, asking Teacher to help in the meantime. Later, he was tired, and had to loosen the towel.

Soon after that, he started to kick the handcuffs that were cuffed behind my back. He forcibly kicked again and again, and then locked the handcuffs to a chair and forcefully struck downward. At the same time, he kept asking me, "Will you tell us or not?" I told him the principle of "good will be rewarded with good, and evil meets with evil" while sending forth righteous thoughts. Very soon, he became exhausted.

They took turns to rest, while I had been excessively tortured for six days. During this period, they only provided me with one meal every three or four days. My body was tortured to extreme weakness.

During the brutal six-day torture, the evil mobs failed to get any word from me. They then brought my mother to the detention center, and deceived her into persuading me to reveal the source of the materials. If she cooperated, they would allow her to bail me out, then I could go home and take care of my parents and children (my wife had been killed in a car accident while I had been illegally imprisoned). Seeing me naked, and my whole body beaten black and blue, my mother intended to put a coat on me. However, when the coat touched my body, it was so painful that I could not help but tremble. She was deeply hurt. I told her that I could not tell them where I got the materials. Realizing that deceit did not work, they had to send me back to the cell.

Both of my hands and feet were swollen. I could not take off my pants. My legs were entirely black. When they forced me to sit on the iron chair, the policeman told me that the longer I sat on it, the worse it would be for my health. In addition, the harm would be an internal injury; nobody could see anything from the outside. Normally, one would be paralyzed after sitting on it for four days. I could not walk, move my hands, nor could I take care of myself to do my daily routine. It has been nearly two months, but even now, my right wrist cannot move. Because my body had already been extremely weak, compounded with the darkness and dampness of the detention center, I also caught scabies.

At that moment, I calmly searched within. At the same time, I sent forth righteous thoughts. This was not the right environment for my cultivation. There was still much Dafa work outside for me to accomplish, and there were many sentient beings that did not know about the truth to be saved. I must get out. As soon as I sent forth this thought, in about five or six days, my eyes, face, and my body had some illness symptoms and later turned yellow in color. The common criminal hurriedly reported this to the jail doctor who briefly asked me several questions. The next day, I was transferred to Longfeng Detention Center. There, seeing that I had been tortured so severely, they dared not admit me, fearing that my life would be in danger. The police then took me to Wolitun District Police Department, and detained me there overnight. The next day, three people from the Zonghe office of that police department brought me to Daqing City No. 2 Hospital (a hospital for contagious diseases) where I was diagnosed as having "hepatitis". Only then did they allow me to be bailed out for further interrogation.

On the morning of December 14, Wolitun District Police Department official notified my company and people from the local police station to pick me up, but they didn't show up. Not until 7:30 p.m. did the party secretary, the director of the party administration office from the company, and Zhang Zhonghua from the local police station arrive. Right after they got there, they attempted to force me to write the "Guarantee Statements" * and threatened that if I wouldn't write them, they would send me back to the Sa District Police Department. I firmly refused their request. With the stalemate until midnight, seeing that I was very steadfast, they asked for instructions from their superiors, from one level to next. Finally, only when a chairperson from the Daqing Bureau of Petroleum Management agreed to have my sickness cured first did they start to sign the documents to set the process in motion, level by level, and sent me to Daqing City's No. 2 Hospital.

Because it was an infectious disease, none of the policemen or people from my company dared to come monitor me. Instead, they requested the doctors, nurses, and security personnel to do the monitoring.

During my hospitalization, people from the prosecutor's office came to interrogate

me, saying "they had been too lenient with me for bailing me out twice." This really is twisted logic. They had persecuted and abused me and mistreated me to such an extent that I almost lost my life, yet they said "they had been too lenient with me." If this lawless persecution had not happened, Dafa practitioners would still have healthy bodies, and would continue to make contributions, at their own jobs, for the benefit of this country. How can they say "being bailed out is being too lenient?" In addition, my family members told me that when they went to visit me while I was illegally detained, they heard chief Sui from the Sa District National Security Section telling others, "Last time he was let go as a result of staging a hunger strike; this time, he has not staged a hunger strike yet. If he does, torture him to death right here." When they sent me back to the cell he also said the evil scoundrels "would intentionally keep their distance from me; if I ran, they wouldn't chase and shoot me to death right away." Furthermore, the last time they secretly decided to sentence me to eight years; this time they would sentence me to at least fifteen years.

To control me and achieve the goal of further persecution after I recovered, the leader of my company deceived my mother, saying as long as I wrote a "guarantee," they would let me go home and would arrange work for me. My trusting mother believed them, kept cooperating with them since then, tried to persuade me to give up my belief, and also contacted the collaborator (former Dafa practitioners who have gone astray due to torture and brainwashing) Chen Yafan to come to persuade me. I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors behind them; at the same time, I explained to my mother why I wouldn't give up cultivation and wouldn't write the guarantee statements. Further, because fellow practitioners often came to visit me, they also talked with my mother and clarified the truth to her. She finally understood a little.

Hearing from a person in that section of the prosecuting office that authorizes arrests that they would arrest me again three days later, a Dafa practitioner informed me immediately and told me to leave right away. At that time, my mother was still fooled by the hypocrisy of the company chiefs, and thought that the practitioner was trying to deceive her. On the second day, other practitioners also came to the hospital and told me the situation was already very urgent. My mother was touched by Dafa disciples' heart, that they only thought about others without considering their own safety, so she agreed to let me go. On the third day, with the help of fellow practitioners, I successfully walked out of the hospital.

Within half an hour after I left, the staff my company had hired to monitor me in the hospital arrived. Seeing that I had gone, my company and the policemen questioned my mother about my whereabouts. My mother didn't cooperate with them. As a result, they arrested my mother and aunt who also took care of me together with my mother, transported them to the police station and illegally detained them for 48 hours.

I walked out from the hospital in mid January 2003. Later I heard that the evil scoundrels had prepared to hold a court session and would illegally sentence me on January 27, 2003. My escape totally foiled their evil plan. They turned the homes of all Dafa practitioners in Longfeng area upside down, and one after another searched the homes of practitioners who were close to my place and sent someone to stake out and patrol there. At the same time, they also sent people to my hometown in Kedong County and searched thoroughly.

After I came out of the hospital, all fellow practitioners felt very sad when they saw I had been persecuted so badly. They took a few pictures of me, which show how severely I was abused and mistreated.

After I returned several times from near the edge of death, with practitioners' elaborate care and through regularly practicing the Dafa exercises and studying the Fa, my health returned to normal after one month and I can walk freely.

I want to say from the bottom of my heart, "Falun Dafa is good!" Kindhearted people: please don't be deceived by the lies of the Chinese media! Find out the truth of the persecution against Falun Dafa as soon as possible!


Relevant telephone Numbers:

Daqing City Sa District Detention Center:

(Note: country code: 86, city code: 459)

Chief: 86-459-4616637

Deputy Chief: 86-459-4616623

Reception: 86-459-4616622

The prison guard entrance station: 86-459-4616636

Political and Security Section, Daqing City Sa District Police Department: 86-459-4686029

Public Security Section Political Instructor: 86-459-4688260

Section Leader: 86-459-4683711

Financial Security Section: 86-459-4687197, 4686917
Criminal Police Section: Political instructor: 86-459-4683286

Section Chief: 86-459-4680519

Fuqiang Police Station: 86-459-4680790 (Chief), 4661335 (Duty Office)

Babaishang Police Station:
Party Secretary: 86-459-4891114, Chief: 4892500

* The so-called "Guarantee Statement" [A statement to declare that he or she is remorseful for practicing Falun Gong and guarantees not to practice Falun Gong again, not to go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong, and never again associate with any Falun Dafa practitioners.]