(Clearwisdom.net) I am a young practitioner, and a school student. Dafa can purify one's body and elevate one's mind, but such a good cultivation way has been persecuted by Jiang's regime since July 1999; it is inconceivable! Where is justice? Since 1999, we also frequently heard that many Dafa practitioners were persecuted (even though they did nothing wrong) throughout China. Many other practitioners and I were very concerned.

In September of 2000, I went to Beijing to appeal to our government to return justice to Dafa and to our Master, but I was stopped before I arrived in Beijing; I was taken back and sent to a drug rehabilitation center. In the rehabilitation center, they tried to force me to give up my righteous belief by beating me. They punished me by forcing me to stand for a long time, and they forced us to watch TV tapes that slandered Dafa; but their means could not move me. They then threatened me, "If you don't give up your cultivation, we will detain you here for your entire life!" They saw that my two hands were in Jieyin* position and thought that I was practicing Falun Gong exercises. They slapped my face very hard over and over again, trying to force me to lose my hand position. I did not yield to them. They finally cuffed my hands to a heating radiator pipe. Although I was in a very painful situation, I was firm and did not yield to them. I was detained in the rehabilitation center for over half a month, then the street police station sent me to a detention center and held me there for another half a month before they let me go home. Before they sent me to the detention center they said to me, "If you say that you will stop practicing Falun Gong, you will not suffer for another half a month." But this request, to me, was ridiculous.

In the detention center and while being threatened by the evil policemen, I firmly kept my belief, and never thought of giving up; yet the cruelty of the persecution in the detention center is impossible for people to imagine.

The truth is the truth. I believe that no matter how the evil tries to deceive people, tries to persecute and to suppress Dafa, they cannot block the radiance of the truth! After going through the hardship, I am even more determined to follow Master to return to my true self.

Note: *Jieyin: Conjoining the hands; a position often used in Falun Gong exercises.