My Husband Said: I Strongly Support You

My husband is not a Dafa practitioner, but he is very supportive to me in my cultivation. In 2000, I told him that I wanted to go to Beijing to appeal. He didn't complain that nobody would take care of him. Instead, he worried about me. I said, "It's Teacher who gave me my second life and made me healthy. Now Dafa and Teacher are being slandered. How could I just practice silently at home?" Finally, he agreed tacitly.

Now whenever I go out to conduct Dafa truth-clarification work, he comes with me and stands guard for me. In 2002, a fellow Dafa practitioner was forced to leave home because of the persecution, I talked with my husband and he was willing to let her spend the New Year in our home. He said: "If we do not show sympathy to her, who else will? I strongly support you and will support you forever."

"The TV news could not deceive me."

During the Chinese New Year, a Dafa practitioner visited his uncle. When he started tell his uncle the facts of the persecution of Falun Gong, his uncle spoke first: "The TV news could not deceive me. I experienced this kind of intentional framing before." The uncle said, once workers appealed together to the local government about a certain issue. Since many workers went, the authorities designed a trap by allowing the nearby peasants to take away some of the archived documents, and then they attacked and suppressed the group with that pretext, and five workers were killed. Later, workers understood that the door of the office building had been intentionally left open that evening, so to create an excuse for the government crackdown. The uncle said: "Now, when something is shown on TV, it's easy to understand the true situation by just thinking about it a little. To reach their own goals, they (Jiang's regime) would do anything."

February 28, 2003