As the tyrannies of Jiang's regime continuously get exposed, many cases of steadfast Falun Dafa practitioners being persecuted in forced labor camps have been made known to the world via the Internet. These include practitioners in Masanjia Labor Camp of Liaoning Province. Afraid of being found out, Jiang's regime has secretively sentenced these practitioners and sent them to the Dabei Men's and Women's Jails of Shenyang, Liaoning Province. The seemingly calm Dabei Jail holds over one thousand inmates. Among them are hundreds of Falun Dafa practitioners. There were only a few dozen practitioners of Falun Dafa early last year, but the number has increased to a few hundred. Some criminals had to be transferred to other jails to make room.

The Dabei Jail is required to convert all the imprisoned Falun Dafa practitioners by this spring without any legal consequence for any death. A large amount of money has been invested to build large-scale cell areas in Masanjia Camp. The Dabei Jail will be moved to Masanjia eventually for central management. Jiang has promised munificent awards to the Dabei Jail, which clearly reflects Jiang's anxiety and his intention to wipe out Falun Dafa.

Tempted by fortune and fame, the jailers of the Dabei Jail gathered all the persecution means used around the nation and tortured Falun Dafa practitioners using these appalling methods. All the jail areas and hospitals associated with the Dabei Jail use secret torture rooms and instruments. The miserable cries of Dafa practitioners being tortured were heart breaking. The whole jail was filled with a horrible and bloody atmosphere. Since last June, when a female practitioner was beaten to death for telling the facts about Falun Dafa, a dozen more practitioners have been killed. Several practitioners have been injected with mentally destructive drugs and were sent to the "Team of Mental Patients" of the jail. Quite a few practitioners have been rendered handicapped due to torture. Facing the righteous practitioners who would rather die than give up, the jailers used up all their tricks but still couldn't finish their assignment of converting the practitioners. Out of desperation, they asked the imprisoned criminals to torture Falun Dafa practitioners. Actually, many inmates did not have the heart to beat practitioners because they know the practitioners are good and innocent people. However, the cruel jailers forced the inmates to torture Falun Dafa practitioners by beating the inmates with electric batons, cutting off their food and everyday supplies (even toilet paper). They also used such tactics as stopping bonus meals, imposing fines, and adding work assignments to the inmates' roster. Inmates were required to treat Falun Dafa practitioners with the combination of insults, mental pressure and physical torture. They were told that they would not be held responsible for any harm to practitioners, ranging from cursing, hurting, and beating to torturing, maiming, and killing. The most relentless inmates would be rewarded. Facing the inhumane torture, the Falun Dafa practitioners stood fast and have established mighty virtue by guarding the Fa and the truth. On the contrary, Jiang and his gangs have committed crimes one after another.

A closer look at those people who have compromised to the evil and committed crimes:

  • Some inmates shed tears as they beat Falun Dafa practitioners. They said, "If Jiang died, we wouldn't have done evil, and you practitioners would not have been persecuted."
  • Even the evil jailers had to admit that the Falun Dafa practitioners are noble, compassionate and kind. They admire the practitioners from the bottom of their hearts. However, they said out of ignorance, "I have no way out of beating you. I will not be able to make a living if I am laid off."
  • Some other jailers said, "We also hope you will rectify the Fa soon. We don't want to be hired thugs."

We can tell from their words that the victims of this unprecedented persecution by Jiang's regime are not only Falun Dafa practitioners, but also those who are forced to participate in the persecution.

The evil jailers were most afraid of being exposed by Falun Dafa practitioners. They asked inmates to closely monitor practitioners and to forbid practitioners from speaking with anyone. Practitioners were not even allowed to make eye contact. The jailers shamelessly announced that whoever dares to speak about the persecution would be killed. Inmates were not allowed to speak freely either.

However, the Falun Dafa practitioners didn't give up, but continued telling the facts. The evil jailers brazenly tied practitioners' mouths with ropes, and tied their arms and hands. After all their torture methods failed, they cruelly stopped giving the practitioners any food. After a few days, the starving practitioners would be sent to hospitals or secret torture rooms in the jail, tied to a metal bed, and neglected.They would not be allowed to use the restroom, nor would they receive any other care, including a change of clothing or sheets. A plastic tube would be inserted into the practitioner's stomach through his nose, so that he could be forced fed once a day or every few days. Some practitioners were tied down like this for dozens of days or for several months. When near death, a practitioner would be carried to a "Tight Control Cell." They would claim that the practitioner had been sent to the hospital for treatment after a hunger strike and extort a huge amount of money for medical expenses from the practitioner's family. As a matter of fact, some practitioners died in the "Tight Control Cells" and hospitals. With a false statement from the hospital and false testimony of inmates, the jail would claim that "heart attack" or "hunger strike" caused the practitioners death. Where is the law, conscience or human nature? Most of the practitioners who were killed in the early part of last year died from this kind of torture.

Since January 2003, the Falun Dafa practitioners imprisoned at the Dabei Jail of Shenyang have been devastated physically and mentally under the escalating persecution. Many of them have high blood pressure, anemia, pleurisy, kidney failure, serious lung disease, stomach diseases, swollen bodies and numbness. The jail does not allow the practitioners to be bailed out for medical treatment, saying "It is the command from above that it is better that they die than be bailed out." The persecution of Falun Dafa by Jiang's regime has destroyed human nature.

We are again exposing the persecution of Falun Dafa, including the conspiracies, crimes and vile practices to the people around the world. All the righteous and kind people in the world, please give your support to the persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners in the Dabei Jail of Shenyang. Fellow practitioners in the world, please support the imprisoned practitioners by sending forth your righteous thought for them. Let's put an end to the conspiracy of Jiang's persecution and eliminate the evil elements in other spaces that persecute the Falun Dafa practitioners.

January 16, 2003