1. Chicago Practitioners Call for immediate release of Charles Li

Another strong storm hit Chicago this week. However Falun Gong practitioners from Chicago areas continued their daily peaceful appeal in front of Chinese consulate in cold wind and snow. We collected signatures from passersby to rescue US citizen Charles Li who is detained by Chinese government without reason.

At press conference, practitioner appealing to people of all walks of life to urgently rescue Charles Li A resolution from Cook County to rescue Charles Li was read Falun Gong Practitioners in front of Chinese consulate.

On March 6, a press conference was held in front of Chinese consulate urgently calling for Charles Li's release.

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Su said, "Charles Li's arrest is Chinese government's retaliatory act that was intended to suppress the righteous voice of international community."

A "Go to Washington" Car Tour had been initiated by practitioners across US. Practitioners from Chicago also joined the effort. Their team planned to arrive in Washington on March 7 to attend US rally to rescue Charles Li.

At the press conference, a resolution from Cook County to urgent rescue Charles Li was read. The resolution condemned Chinese government's arrest and detainment of US citizens and residents as well as the threats to overseas Falun Gong practitioners.

2. Kansas Falun Gong practitioners Hold press conference to rescue Charles Li

Falun Gong practitioner introducing the background of Charles Li's case. Falun Gong practitioners introducing the situation of persecution of Falun Gong in China Reporter interviewing practitioners.

Kansas Falun Gong practitioners held press conference to rescue Charles Li in Kansas City's public library. Reporters from two major TV stations came to report the event. The news was broadcasted in stations' 6 pm news time. The reporter asked the audience to write to US government to rescue Charles Li.