(Clearwisdom.net) I gained my first impression of Mrs. Feng (pseudonym) during the 2000 Chinese Spring Festival during an experience sharing meeting in my home. She was strong and healthy looking. At the meeting, a woman who had just released from detention after going to Beijing to validate Dafa was also present. She talked about her Beijing experience and her understanding and advancement from the Fa. Everyone at this meeting was very happy and excited. Following that meeting, I had no news from her for a period of time. When I saw her again, she had lost some weight but was still in good spirits. She told me that after the Fa experience-sharing meeting she went home, did a little packing and went on the journey to Beijing. In the past, she had no idea what to do when Dafa and Master were under slander and attack. Now she knows what to do, so she did it. After she went to Beijing to validate Fa, she was arrested and held in a local detention center for a period of time and was released after her family was forced to pay a bond of 2,000 Yuan. From then on she completely put herself into the current of Fa-rectification.

At the beginning of her activities, Mrs. Feng went to a certain city to pick up materials that explain the facts of Falun Dafa and distributed them by herself, distributing more and more, which inspired the practitioners in her area to step forward together to validate Dafa. The practitioners in her area started to go to Beijing to appeal. Some escaped barefoot from their province's liaison office in Beijing. Her home became a receiving place for the practitioners who could not go back to their homes. She led the practitioners to study the Fa together and to examine themselves, and went out distributing the flyers after their xinxing had been raised. She was also in charge of sending the Dafa materials to other areas. Later she learned screen-printing techniques and then printed all kinds of Dafa materials by herself, which other practitioners would distribute in the evening. Sometimes, if they took large bags, it would take a complete night to distribute the materials. She also taught practitioners in other areas the screen printing technique. This not only reduced the load of printing the material at the city site, but also avoided security concerns during the transportation of the materials, which enabled a group of practitioners to put themselves into the current of Fa-rectification to clarify the facts and enabled them to upgrade themselves altogether.

Her husband also decided to go to Beijing to appeal. Mrs. Feng was very happy in her heart, but a little nervous. Her husband used to have bad temper and started his real cultivation after 1999. Could he control himself well when going to Beijing? Would he argue or fight with others, which would damage Dafa? Her husband said, "Do not worry about me. I may not behave well in daily life, but this time will be different. Since this is to appeal for Dafa, I will strictly conduct myself according to Zhen-Shan-Ren (Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance)." A week later her husband safely returned. He said that when he raised a banner in Tiananmen Square, the vicious police officers took bats and hit him very hard. There was a big cut on his eye socket which bled. After he was taken to a police station, the policemen saw him continue to bleed. They did not want to take responsibility for his injuries, so they released him.

Mrs. Feng's son returned home after graduation from a university in another city. He also intended to go to Beijing to appeal. This time she was reluctant to let him go since the family had just been reunited. Now that the son was about to leave for Beijing, she really did not want him to go. She had only one request of her son - to read through Zhuan Falun [main book of Falun Dafa teachings] twice before leaving.

After her son went to Beijing, she worried. She could not read Zhuan Falun and could not do the exercises well. During this period, local police visited her home, demanding to know whether or not her son went to Beijing. Her heart moved again, thinking whether or not her son was arrested, whether or not he could stay firm and whether or not he would be beaten. At that moment, I saw she had great difficulty passing this tribulation. We then studied the Fa together. Concerning sentimentality, she said that she had thought she cultivated well. Now she realized she was still far from her goal when facing a real challenge; that she should get strong and get rid of this emotion. A week later her son called from Beijing saying he had validated the Fa and had escaped from detention in the province's liaison office in Beijing.

In November 2000, Feng planned to go to Beijing to appeal for Dafa again. At that time, many practitioners did not agree with her plan, because she was coordinating lots of local Dafa activities and working on some Fa-rectification work. She said, "Don't worry about me. I am going to Beijing to rectify the Fa and will be back right after." Just like she had predicted, she came back safely about a week later. She unfurled a Dafa banner at Tiananmen Square and was arrested. She went on a hunger strike to protest the mistreatment and suffered force-feeding several times, yet she refused to tell the police her name and address. As a result, she was unconditionally released. When we asked her whether it was painful to be force-fed, she smiled and said of course it was painful, but as soon as she thought about how much our Teacher suffered for us she did not feel the pain that much any more.

Once she went to the countryside with several fellow practitioners to hang up loudspeakers in order to broadcast programs that explain the facts about Falun Dafa and the persecution. Some fellow practitioners had attachments to zealotry that the evil forces took advantage of - villagers who did not know the truth about Dafa reported them to the police. There was only one street in the village and police cars were coming from both sides. Two practitioners were arrested. She asked for Teacher's help in her mind, thinking, "I cannot be arrested, there is too much Fa-rectification work waiting for me yet to be done." She hid in culvert until the police cars left. As a matter of fact, the culvert was very narrow. Under normal conditions, no human could get into it at all. It was very dirty in there, yet her clothing was not dirtied at all. She knew it was Teacher's Fashen who protected her, otherwise it would have been impossible for her to avoid arrest. Because the arrested fellow practitioners are her neighbors, she could not return home any more and was forced to live away from home to avoid arrest and her living conditions became very harsh. Yet she always did her best according to the Fa's requirements. Every morning she rose at about two or three o'clock to study the Fa, do the exercises and send forth righteous thoughts. She was busy every day with Dafa work, local Fa experience sharing meetings, and also sharing her experiences with practitioners in other areas. Our local Fa-rectification improved dramatically because of her efforts.

At end of December 2001, Feng's husband was arrested while delivering money to a site that was producing truth-clarification materials. When Feng heard the news the next day, she said to me, I have to let go of my emotions. When we were together, I always worried about him and encouraged him to improve. This time he has to face the tribulation all by himself. We learned later that her husband was very steadfast after being arrested, and did not let the evil get any information about other practitioners. A long time later we learned her husband was illegally sentenced to a forced labor camp.

Feng spent the Chinese New Year of 2002 with her son who just returned from Southern China where he found a job. All they had for the holiday meal was a cabbage and some potatoes. When I saw her a few days later, I wanted to give her some money for a better meal. She said they just ate and suggested to use the money for more important matters.

The last time I saw Feng was the middle of April 2002. We talked for a long time. She told me how she obtained the Fa, how she benefited from the Fa and how she passed the tribulations. She told me ever since Minghui suggested all Dafa practitioners send forth righteous thoughts at 5:00 a.m, 6:00 a.m and 7:00 a.m every day, she never stopped for one day. She told me she stopped watching TV ever since she obtained the Fa. She said, "I don't mind not watching TV, but if I don't study the Fa everyday, I feel like something is missing! Only studying the Fa could help me to break my attachments, strengthen my righteous thoughts, and endure the suffering. People think I am suffering now, but they don't know that I feel so much better in my heart, compared to the time before I obtained the Fa. The bread, dumplings, instant noodles, eggs, sausage and other food that you gave me earlier, I gave them to the young boys who are helping us making truth-clarification materials -- these boys were forced to live away from their home. They are the same age as my son. If it were not for the evil persecution, they could still be living in their comfortable homes. I experienced more harsh living than they did, that is why I saved the food for them." She told me all the practitioners living at home should also strictly conduct themselves, treasure this Fa-rectification opportunity and assist Teacher in his journey in this world.

I have not seen Feng since then. Not long ago I learned from Minghui that she was illegally sentenced to prison.

I hereby share Feng's Fa-rectification experiences with my fellow practitioners, as an encouragement to all of us.

February 27, 2003