(Clearwisdom.net) I am a new practitioner. I obtained Dafa just half a year ago, but I've known of Dafa for 3 years. Seeing my wife recover from many illnesses after practicing Dafa, I developed a good feeling about it. However, I was too attached to personal benefits. Since 1999, I had been too afraid to learn Dafa because of the persecution. I know Dafa is good, makes people good and have a higher moral standard, and is totally beneficial to people and countries. In fear of the persecution, I dared not to learn Dafa and also discouraged my wife from practicing. I disturbed her, being worried for her safety. I lived every day in horror.

One day half a year ago, I went to a recreation room to play. In front of the door of the building, I heard a cleaning person cursing Dafa because of the truth clarification material posted by practitioners. I was afraid after hearing that. Because I didn't understand Dafa, I returned home in a hurry, wanting to tell my wife that she shouldn't go out again. Just returning, home I saw a Dafa flyer on my door. I was so angry with my wife. What if other people saw it and thought we did it? You are making trouble! We already have hardships and you are making it worse! In fear, I scratched off the flyer with my right forefinger. The next day, I couldn't lift that finger. It was so soft as if it had no bone. I didn't think it was karmic retribution. I have had a stroke before, and I thought the illness had returned. My wife and children sent me to hospital. After CT and ultra-B checking and a day of diagnosis, nothing seemed wrong. But I still couldn't move my finger.

While returning home, my wife kindly asked me: "Tell me the truth. Did you do anything to defame Dafa?" I had to tell her that I scratched off a Dafa flyer. My wife said: "You should apologize in front of Master's picture at once!" With doubt fading, I pressed my hands together in respect in front of a picture of Master Li, saying, "Master, I'm wrong. I won't do this again."

When I got up the next morning, my finger had regained movement. Was it real? In puzzlement, I began doing things with it, and had no problems. I was shocked! A real case of "immediate retribution in this lifetime!" I was awakened and decided that I would practice Falun Gong from now on. I knew the way I chose was arduous, and I would pay the cost. Although the evil was still persecuting, I was determined to practice to the end. Since then, I've been walking on the bright road of practicing Falun Dafa.

Although I received karmic retribution, I began the practice of Falun Dafa. This is the most fortunate thing that has ever happened in my life. Meanwhile, I'll tell my experience to everyone I know: Falun Dafa is the universal law, and Falun Dafa is right way. The Chinese regime's objection is wrong.

Feb 20, 2003