A few days ago, the Taiwan United Daily News reported on the SINOSAT signal hijacking* in China. The article claimed that the Taiwan authorities had arrested a suspect. The article pointed out that, "The government has judged that the case of signal hijacking has nothing to do with Falun Gong." This report clearly refuted the slander that the Jiang regime in Mainland China has spread regarding the SINOSAT signal hijacking. [* This refers to the incident in which signals on the Chinese satellite television SINOSAT were allegedly hijacked to show Falun Gong videos. The Chinese regime claimed that it had been done by Falun Gong practitioners in Taiwan, but had no evidence to back it up this claim.]

However, I don't quite agree with the angle of the article. Jiang's regime has no right to condemn any signal hijacking at all. First of all, the regime has been torturing and murdering innocent Falun Gong practitioners for the past three and one half years. At least 581 innocent citizens have been persecuted to death because they refused to give up their belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance." Second, the regime completely controls the state media in China, which is supposed to serve the people. They arbitrarily spread lies, slander Falun Gong, and incriminate Falun Gong with false evidence. On the other hand, Falun Gong practitioners are jailed, sentenced, and even tortured to death simply for distributing a few flyers that clarify the facts. Third, the regime has been interfering with overseas radio broadcasts and blocking the Internet, and this has deprived the Mainland Chinese people of the right to know the facts. Such a criminal group is not qualified to use China's laws or international treaties to criticize any signal hijacking. This is like a mobster that robs people at knifepoint and then condemns people who act bravely for justice as infringing upon his "rights."

Having clarified this matter of right and wrong, let us analyze some of its details. The report says:

"The related people indicated that the high level authorities on both sides are serious about this matter. Especially on November 8 of last year, when the 16th Party Congress was about to start, and Jiang was about to give his speech, the Chinese government wanted Taipei to quickly remove the source of the signal, so that Jiang's speech would not be interfered with."

"According to sources, there were some interfering signals just a few minutes before Jiang's speech on the 15th. But the message was never verified. After Taiwan unearthed the case, the Taiwan government notified related stations in the Mainland through international broadcasting organizations."

From these two paragraphs, it could be inferred that the satellite signal interference that Jiang's regime talked about could very well have interfered with Jiang's speech! And Jiang's regime was afraid of being interfered with beforehand, and had threatened Taiwan about it.

According to my understanding, the SINOSAT receivers are constructed so that they can prevent users from receiving the satellite signals from other countries. Therefore, the SINOSAT signals are highly encrypted. The SINOSAT control center can remotely control the users' receivers and change their decrypting method. Unless someone from inside the Chinese government provided the information, it is almost impossible for someone to transmit the image signals onto a receiver's TV screen. The Chinese government several times stated that the signals were replaced by Falun Gong videos. This only shows that there are some major problems with the security system within the Chinese government, and yet they do not dare to admit it. Jiang's regime is targeting Taiwan, stirring up fake news and saying that an anti-China force hijacked SINOSAT signals. They are actually trying to cover up their internal problems and deceiving the people of China.