Note: This is the first case of a Dafa practitioner being persecuted to death in Fujian Province, and could also be the first documented case of a Dafa practitioner being persecuted to death in China. Two days after the police arrested him, the news of his death became widely known. (This is newly disclosed information to Clearwisdom.net.)

Dai Xiang-guang, male, originally was a contact person for Falun Gong in Putian City, Fujian Province. On July 22, 1999, the police arrested him. Within two days, news that he had died became widely known. The police forcibly cremated the body, without letting his family inspect it. They fabricated a rumor saying that Dai Xiang-guang committed suicide by jumping from the 7th floor of a building to the ground. However, according to the observation of a family member, after he died, Dai's body was seen, and had no injuries that would indicate a 7-story fall. This indicated that Dai didn't commit suicide, but was beaten to death. Dai Xiang-guang was only 29 years old.

Related telephone numbers:

Putian Municipal Government Office: 86-594-2293512

Putian Municipal Government External Affairs Management: 86-594-2392216

Putian City Politics and Law Committee: 86-594-2292238

Directly responsible unit: Putian Municipal Public Security Bureau, Branch One (Political Security Branch)

Duty officers' observation room telephone: 86-594-2692431

Control center telephone: 86-594-2687450