"610 Office" Director Realizes the Truth: "Practitioners of Falun Gong Are All Good People"

Once I met a director from the "610 Office", and he said to me: "I know that practitioners of Falun Gong are all good people. When clarifying the truth, you guys must find people with a predestined relationship, because the Fa saves people with predestined relationship. For those people who do not believe the truth at all, if you tell them the truth, they will cause problems. You guys need to be aware of security. I have already told people in my office not to treat Falun Gong practitioners badly, and not to beat them. I also told them that Falun Gong practitioners are not at all involved in politics." (The "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems)

People Know that Falun Dafa Practitioners Are Good People

Last year, we held a large public trial here. Some illegally arrested practitioners who had handed out truth-clarifying materials were tried together with criminals. When the Dafa practitioners were illegally sentenced to labor camps, the audience complained loudly.

"There are Still So Many People Practicing Falun Gong Under Such Severe Persecution -- Falun Gong is Great!"

When I clarified the truth to a resident, she told me that practicing Falun Gong was good, and that she used to have a friend who practiced Falun Gong and had all of his illnesses cured, and that he was a good person. She doesn't believe the television propaganda. Whenever someone talked about Falun Gong in front of her booth, she wasn't afraid of saying, "There are still so many people practicing Falun Gong under such severe persecution -- Falun Gong is great!"