The policemen in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp use every despicable means to brutally persecute and torture Dafa practitioners in order to make them compromise their belief in Falun Dafa. The following are a few examples.

Torture Method One: Both of the practitioner's hands are cuffed over the head, attached to window bars, with only toes touching the ground. Practitioners are hung in this position for 24 hours and deprived of sleep. Some practitioners were continuously tortured like this for 2 weeks.

Torture Method Two: In a foul-smelling, dark and damp bathroom, a brick is placed on the ground, which is covered with dirty water. The practitioner is forced to squat on the brick with both hands cuffed behind the back. Even a slight move will result in a beating or being tormented in another way. Some people could not bear it, fell into the dirty water and were beaten.

Torture Method Three: The Dafa practitioner is forced to sit with both legs double-crossed, tied with ropes, with both hands cuffed behind the back. Some practitioners were tied up for 7 to 8 continuous hours, and fell unconscious. After one practitioner lost consciousness for a second time, the practitioner had to be sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. The doctor could not bear to watch and said, "This person really needs rest." However, when the practitioner was taken back to the forced labor camp, he was tortured the same way again.

Torture Method Four: If Dafa practitioner does not compromise, and still explains the facts to policemen, the persecutors will choke them with both hands, not letting them speak or breathe.

Tortures like kicking, trampling, slapping, and beating with fists and electric batons are daily occurrences. Almost every steadfast Dafa practitioner is covered with many scars and bruises.

The persecution of Dafa practitioners is extremely brutal in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, yet sometimes the authorities would shamelessly say, "This is good for you."

I hope that practitioners in China and overseas will send forth strong righteous thoughts to completely eliminate all evil elements in this despicable place. We hope to obtain international support and rescue to stop the crimes.

Note: My daughter was illegally detained in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp for practicing Falun Gong. The above vicious acts are her personal experiences from oral accounts.