In mid-January of 2003, police in Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province searched an apartment and arrested Falun Dafa practitioner Fan Chunyan. Fellow practitioner Han Ru also disappeared and no one knows where she is now. About 10 days later, the Falun Gong materials site in Hegang City was destroyed. A copy machine and some Dafa materials were lost. Falun Dafa practitioner Du Guilan was on site. Police said she jumped from the second floor and died, but we believe the second floor is not high enough to cause death. It is very likely that she died from police abuse.

Before Du Guilan's death, police abducted her husband and son, and brutally tortured them in order to force them to reveal Du Guilan's whereabouts. Her son was beaten until he lost consciousness. The police sent him to the hospital for resuscitation out of fear that he might die. Finally, the police released her husband after he paid 5000 Yuan (10 months salary of an average urban worker) and promised to find her in three days.

We hope that all Dafa disciples who read this news will send forth powerful righteous thoughts and thoroughly eliminate the evil in other dimensions that dares to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners in Hegang City.

Below are the phone numbers of the involved offices:
Hegang City Police Department, Director: 86-468-3340126.
Vice Directors: 86-468-3353909/3342233/3340257/3344591 (4 offices)