Seeing the picture of my fiancée and me, I remember that over one year ago we walked hand in hand for the first time by the seaside. The sea was so blue and the sky was so white. This was a significant moment that shaped our pathway towards marriage.

I did not practice cultivation before I met my fiancée. Four years ago I saw the book Zhuan Falun. When I read it, I knew this was the thing I had been looking for my whole life. However, because my job kept me busy, this delayed my cultivation. Two years ago, the opportunity became mature, and by chance there was a nine-day Falun Dafa seminar held near my home. This is when my partner appeared in my life.

After I began practicing cultivation, I often shared my happiness with my fiancée. Perhaps, I talked too much with her, because one day she told me: "You cannot force me to cultivate. I want to consider and judge for myself. I hope you do not try to force me to." After I heard this, I felt very sad and told myself not to act with undue haste. One day, when I was talking with someone about my Teacher, I did not realize that my fiancée unexpectedly said by my side: "That is right! Our Teacher says..." At that time I thought: "How did my Teacher become your Teacher!" Thus, I knew she had at last entered into cultivation of Dafa!

My intimate companion and I discuss everything and help each other. We are on the road of cultivation practice together. Together, we have submitted articles to Dafa websites, made Dafa posters, built websites, promoted Dafa and gone to other countries to clarify the truth to travelers that Falun Gong is being slandered and persecuted in China. We also hosted radio programs to validate that Falun Dafa is really genuine science. We also teach the exercises for free at the park near my home. Dafa enriches our lives, which also makes our hearts communicate more intimately. We never worry about running out of words to speak or about doing things together.

We Help Each Other and Agree with Each Other

My fiancée and I have different points of view about many things. Sometimes, we quarrel when we do not agree. However, in the end we always remind ourselves that we are cultivators. Take a step back in a conflict and you will find the seas and the skies boundless. We can become reconciled. For example, when we shopped for items we would need in our household, I would stop after seeing something we liked. However, sometimes she wanted to see more. At this time, I felt it was a waste of time. One time we quarreled. She felt that I only cared about efficiency, but did not have enough patience. Later she did not go shopping with me.

This made me clearly see my selfishness. I always wanted to spend the shortest time possible to finish everything that I had to do, and then did what I really wanted to do. The attitude of placing myself in the prime position, watch out for myself and not care about others' feelings is what I needed to give up. After I found my deficiency and upgraded my Xinxing, my fiancée also removed all previous ill will and decided she would like to go shopping with me. Now we choose the marriage articles, decorate our new home and do things for our marriage together. Thus, through studying the Fa and cultivating our hearts to strive to be closer to "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance," we agree with each other more. Sometimes we said jokingly: "Because our Xinxing needs to be upgraded, it was arranged for us to practice cultivation together."

Heaven Bestows Good Fortune

One time when we were driving back home, we found a place to stop. We looked at the stars in the sky. The memory of a very long time ago appeared again--I promised her to bring her to a cultivator's home. In this life, our predestined relationship has determined that we will form a family.

Before we decided to marry, we took a marriage picture. We discussed and designed attentively together and the photographer had much experience, so the result was even better than we expected. We posted our marriage picture on a website, with some words written by my fiancée. Tens of thousands of people visited our website and viewed the picture. Many were touched and said their hearts were moved! After people saw our picture, they found the photo company and asked: "Is this the company that took the picture for the Falun Gong practitioners?" People can feel the beauty of cultivating Dafa. This is the best marriage gift we have received.

When I took part in a class reunion, my classmates liked my fiancée very much. My elementary school teacher told me privately: "Your wife is very good." In addition, she told me that I should treasure her. I appreciate that heaven provides me with good fortune. This is a "marriage ordained by heaven." A happy marriage needs to have "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance," which is what I want to share with you.