(Clearwisdom.net) Many people believe that good will be rewarded with good. Some believe that they are accumulating virtue if they perform good deeds, and they will be rewarded in the future. Some just feel good when doing good things, and believe that's what they should do.

People who commit bad deeds don't believe in retribution, of course. Yet they are often very nervous and intense when they do evil things.

Everything you do will be recorded in your life-journal, no matter if it is good or bad. Good people and bad people have different energy fields. People who have supernormal capabilities are able to see colors around the human body, an aura. People who have the supernormal ability of precognition and retro-cognition can clearly see everything a person has done in his lifetime. The reason is simple. Magnetic tapes record information via magnetic particles. The recorded information can be played back through amplification. Similarly, any particle in the universe can be used as a carrier of information. The particles, including ultra-microscopic particles, record everything that happened or is happening in the universe. The human body is a perfect biological instrument, and people with supernormal powers can perceive a person's life history from the universe, a huge holographic system.

A human being's single lifetime is short compared with the entire lifespan of a cosmic being. If somebody does something wrong, he or she will receive retribution in accordance with the principles of the universe. The only uncertain aspect is whether the retribution will come sooner or later. This is what the old saying proclaimed, "Good will be rewarded with good. Evil will be met with evil. It's only a matter of time that you will receive your due."

Immediate retribution also occurs. In early 1990, a coworker, my company's plant director and I accompanied two customers to visit Yongquan Temple in Gushan, Fuzhou City. Many Buddhist believers knelt down and prayed. The plant director was an atheist and didn't like what he saw. He said something disrespectful to the Buddha statues inside the temple. His jaw dislocated right after he came out of the temple, and he was screaming in pain while holding his jaw in his hands. This is an example of immediate retribution. The karma he had just generated taught him a lesson. It was also an opportunity for him to awaken [to certain universal principles].

Since then, this plant director respects gods very much. Though he does not understand what is truly going on, he began to doubt his staunch belief in materialism.