(Clearwisdom.net) (The purpose of this article is not to display evil "enlightenment" but to let people know what is basically happening in labor camps and brainwashing centers. I will explain various evil theories so that people can fully realize how evil and absurd they are. As a result, I hope Dafa disciples going through tribulations will understand Dafa more solidly, deeply and comprehensively during this period and see through the evil "enlightenment.")


The following are examples of evil "enlightenment" in Dafa:

Evil "Enlightenment" 1

"Cultivation is getting rid of attachments and human sentiments. In the forced labor camps or the brainwashing classes, it's not accidental that Dafa practitioners are asked to write the "three letters"(or even four or five letters) that ask them to break from Dafa and Teacher. [Practitioners are coerced under brainwashing and torture to write these as proof that they have given up their belief. Created by the "610 Office," the three statements consist of a letter of repentance, a guarantee to never again practice Falun Gong, and a list of names and addresses of all family members, friends and acquaintances who are practitioners.] The purpose is to force them to give up their "sentiment" towards Dafa and Teacher.

The words in this human world cannot harm Dafa or Teacher. For a practitioner, those words are just like traces on a piece of white paper. They influence nothing, and are only a way of getting rid of attachments."

Analyzing Evil "Enlightenment" 1

It is proper for a practitioner to get rid of attachments and human sentiments, but doing so does not mean that one shouldn't respect Teacher or protect Dafa. Since we live in this human world, we have the mentality and life style of human beings even though we are Dafa practitioners. If a person realizes that Falun Dafa is the law of the universe, he or she should show respect to Dafa and firmly believe in it with the righteous thoughts of a human being. This reflects the righteous thoughts a person should have towards Dafa, whether he or she is a Dafa practitioner or not. Righteous thoughts are the correct way for a person to relate to Dafa, from the depth of one's heart to the surface of one's being. Our Teacher told us that high-level sentient beings listen to Dafa while kneeling down because they have no human sentiments and have seen the true image of Dafa. Only human beings are reckless enough to make comments about Dafa or even slander Dafa out of ignorance. As soon as the slanderous words are spoken, one has committed an enormous sin. Although those words cannot hurt Dafa or Teacher, the speaker has still done the worst wrongdoing; this is something that a practitioner absolutely cannot do.

Evil "Enlightenment" 2

A collaborator [a former Falun Gong practitioner who has gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] who has "enlightened" along an evil path will first ask: "Isn't a practitioner able to give up everything, including life or death?" The practitioner will answer "yes." Then the collaborator will start cursing Teacher and Dafa. Of course the practitioner does not accept such things, and will even angrily stop the speaker. The collaborator will then say: "See, you said you can give up everything, but I just said a few words and you became so angry. Isn't this sentiment? I see that you have given up everything but this one thing. You have not given up your Teacher and Dafa. This is your attachment. We have passed this stage. "Reformation" is getting rid of attachments; giving up this attachment is elevating your level."

Analyzing Evil "Enlightenment" 2

Cursing Dafa and Teacher is one of the most vicious things a person can do against Dafa. It is kindness for a Dafa practitioner to stop the collaborator from cursing Dafa. In this way, the collaborator will commit fewer sins. Some practitioners may still have sentiments and may get excited in such a case, but this is not unusual. Shortcomings are overcome one by one during the process of cultivation, but nothing can justify the cursing of Teacher and Dafa. As Dafa practitioners, it's our duty to validate Dafa and to spread Dafa to all people. Firmly believing in Dafa is not an attachment; that is the best thought a person can have. Only with a firm belief in Dafa can one get rid of attachments. A person that does not believe in Dafa takes sentiments, fame, lust, and money as necessary things; he or she does not think that those are attachments. The collaborators isolate the issue of attachments from the practice of Dafa, and they say absurd things to deceive themselves as well as others!

Evil "Enlightenment" 3

The purpose of cultivation is to reach consummation for your own benefit. You risk your family and job to appeal to the government and to oppose the government. You simply give no thought to your family or your job, and you make the police in the whole country very busy. What you are doing is selfishly for your own consummation while leaving the pain to others and the country. If you want to talk about kindness, you should give up your selfish practice and intention to reach consummation, not make trouble for the country, and accept "reformation." Then you will be truly kind.

Analyzing Evil "Enlightenment" 3

As long as one keeps practicing Dafa resolutely, reaching final consummation is the natural result. Teacher taught us this principle, and we believe in it. To purify oneself and upgrade oneself to the standards of higher level sentient beings through the practice of Dafa is not being selfish. On the contrary, what is selfish is sticking to the corrupt concepts of contemporary human beings--and polluting the world with such concepts is being dirty and degenerate! Actually, Teacher has told us: "You should consider others first, so as to attain the righteous Enlightenment of selflessness and altruism." (Essentials for Further Advancement) Some have already learned the greatness of Dafa, but are unwilling to give up their ordinary people's concepts, and dare not validate Dafa under the evil pressure. This is exactly what demonstrates selfishness and attachments.

On the other hand, through our Fa-spreading and truth-clarifying efforts, many people have been given the chance to understand Dafa in the right way. This is real kindness that has saved a lot of people, because one's life has hope only when one knows that Falun Dafa is good. If a practitioner just seeks temporary comfort or trivial benefits, he will allow the evil to attack Dafa, or even persecute Dafa and prevent people from believing in Dafa. Such actions help a tyrant to do evil. If one tries to damage Dafa, one commits enormous sins, and will have not only destroyed the future of many lives, but also destroyed one's own life. That is definitely not kindness but evil.

Evil "Enlightenment" 4

You have the attachment of fear. You know that if you curse the Teacher or Dafa, you will go to hell and experience retribution, so you dare not write the "three letters" because you are afraid of going to hell. Such thoughts are caused by fear, and if you do not give up this attachment you will not reach consummation.

Analyzing Evil "Enlightenment" 4

This is a typical demonic mindset. Some collaborators have even said: "I am not afraid of going to hell, I want to transform you even if I have to go to hell. Going to hell is not an issue to be feared. Hell is where people who have led a sinful life experience retribution. A Dafa practitioner who has assimilated to Dafa should definitely have no fear and will not go to hell. Only the worst lives and the ones who tried to damage Dafa should experience such retribution. Dafa practitioners should get rid of attachments; but that has nothing to do with the fear of going to hell. Since Dafa practitioners follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance, they will never fall into hell, nor should they even think about it."

The collaborators use "getting rid of attachments" as a pretext to spread evil "enlightenment" by using the word "hell." They are attacking Dafa and are committing the biggest sin. This kind of concept, which even ignores the difference between good and evil, precisely shows the evil's demonic mentality, because the evil forces are trying every possible way to damage Dafa. These are not the thoughts of a human being. As long as Dafa practitioners keep righteous thoughts and help Teacher to rectify the Fa, their future will be bright. Only the wicked people will go to hell and be punished indefinitely for their sin of damaging Dafa.

(To be continued)

December 28, 2002

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