"I support you, my old classmate"

One day, a Dafa practitioner got a phone call from a classmate from college: "I heard your story from other friends from college. You came to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong and were detained. Later on they sent you to a brainwashing class. What they did was completely wrong. You did the right thing, old friend. I support you. In my workplace (a research institute in Beijing), seventy to eighty percent of the people agree with my viewpoint. Although many of them don't speak up..." Before hanging up, my classmate added, "Take care of yourself. I witnessed the June 4, 1989 event. It was a cold-blooded massacre. When you deal with a government like this, you must be very cautious, because it does not want to reason with you. I have full confidence that the current situation will be rectified."

"I will never dare to badmouth Dafa practitioners again"

A detained Dafa practitioner shared a cell with several other common criminal inmates. A few of them made disrespectful comments about Dafa. The practitioner immediately stopped them. The cell head (not a practitioner) also told them, "You don't have to believe Falun Gong. But you must not oppose or hate Falun Gong."

One night, a light bulb suddenly exploded, and broken glass fell across the beds belonging to the inmates who had badmouthed Dafa. One person's bed sheet was cut in several places, but the neighboring practitioner's bed was left unharmed, and not even a piece of broken glass had fallen there. One inmate yelled out, "My God! This was a warning to all of us." From then on, the inmates have never dared to say anything bad about Falun Dafa.

Story from a Detention Center

At a detention center during a break after lunch, a prison guard saw a common criminal inmate reading a book. "How come you are not sleeping?" "I am reading a book." "What book?" The inmate showed him the book. The guard read the cover and said, "I see, it's a Falun Gong book. Go ahead, read it. But you are not allowed to read any other books."

Received on January 24, 2003