During the last few days, I often saw scenes somewhat like "fireworks" appearing in another dimension, with lots and lots of them being displayed at the same time. But, when I observed the phenomena again during the sitting meditation, I then realized that they were not "fireworks" but the births of new galactic stars in the universe!

The following was what I saw:

Many galactic stars outside our Milky Way were collapsing. A whole galaxy was seen disintegrating, as if it was melting into a fire. As soon as an old star had disappeared into a ball of fire, a new galactic star was born from the same ball of fire. Innumerable galaxies were disappearing and new galaxies were reappearing in their place at the same time and they were happening at a tremendous speed. When a new galaxy was born, new life began and the environment also changed at the same time within the galaxy.

Some new galactic worlds were ruled over by deities like Buddhas, some by Daos, and others by Gods manifested in various forms. The environment in these worlds was exceedingly pure, peaceful and harmonious - a state that never previously existed. All the sentient beings that had entered the new millennium were now enjoying the blessing bestowed by Dafa in these galactic worlds.

The galaxy of stars was actually a "universe" of its own. The deity in command of the new galaxy was busy creating a sublevel of his world, and at every sublevel, the magnificent scene of new stars created was also seen. It was a marvelous spectacle indeed.

The moment had now arrived for the whole cosmos to undergo Fa rectification changes, and all the living beings in the new universe were watching with concern, everything that was happening on earth...

When I came out of tranquility from the meditation, I began to think - Now that the truth is revealed before us, what excuse do we still have for not doing the things required of us in Fa rectification?

As Teacher said, "Dafa disciples' futures are certainly bright--they'll absolutely be bright." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.") There is no reason why we cannot effectively make good use of the time left to carry out the three things stipulated by Teacher. Time waits for no man!

The above is just my personal understanding .